Bug: Today's update changed some text colour


The distance to the dinosaur in the catch preview screen is now a lighter colour and very difficult to see after today’s update.

Could it be reverted back perhaps?

In the image below it says 85 metres just above the launch button but I can hardly read it.

Also, text that is displayed after an arena win is now appearing as feint blocks:

Glitch in text

Hey ABluesfan! Thank you for reporting this to us! We are currently working on improving the visuals for the game, and we love hearing feedback from our players. We have taken your report into consideration, and in the future the text color for the distance will be changed to something more legible.

You can share more of your ideas with our support team at support+forums@ludia.com, and on the forums here at https://forum.ludia.com/c/JurassicWorldAlive/Suggestions!



This happened to me too, along with other weird things that have been bothering me. After I finish darting a dinosaur, a weird pink line appears on top of the screen:

And what’s worse, today my matches have been stuck in “waiting for opponent” forever and when I force close and restart the game, I find out the match started a long time ago and I’m about to lose. No connection error as I was using stable connection.

Are you having any of these issues as well?


Yes, I’m getting the pink bar along the Drone screen like you.

Not had any issues with battles though.


I’m also getting all of the above but didn’t get a screenshot for them. Happy to provide images later if needed :slightly_smiling_face:


I am also having all the above issues! I cannot participate in any battles and the menus seem laggy as well. Please help! I have tried reinstalling and powering on/off my phone. I am on a Galaxy S5 if it helps.


Yeah, the DNA color after hits changed from some red to pink as well. That’s the most disgusting change for me.


So can anyone give us any information? It’s been nearly a week for me since I’ve been able to play. Constant glitching and disconnects.


Just wanted to report that this seems to have been fixed in the most recent update, so thanks!