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Bug - tommus disappearing off screen

Since maintainence.
Tommus disappearing off bottom of screen then coming back.
Also invisible enemies.

The Bug seems to be triggered by the transforming of the Doppelgänger (So the Monster is called in german, I don’t know the english name).

Not only Tommus, every Character being attacked by a Doppelgänger can disappear.

This usually leads to a softlock.

Thanks for reporting this to us, lemonfarmer! Our team is currently investigating the cause of this issue.

I’d like to add to the bug involving doppelgängers in Lightfinger Estate:

Not only do they disappear after every attack, but I just had one transform into my Sarrvin… and proceed to use an attack that shouldn’t have been possible with my gear set up… correct me if I’m wrong, but doppelgängers take on the EXACT form of your character, gear and all, yes? I had the common hood and rare bow equipped… both range 2 attacks. This Bizarro Sarrvin hit my whole team with a range 3 attack and then vanished. I had to leave the dungeon after 6 rooms because it kept happening and I didn’t get to roll for rewards.

This is still happening