Bug Triple stryle

Hello! I believe there is a bug for breeding Triple Stryke because when I breed 2 slender green Triple stryke (2 stars) together, I never get the commun Triple stryke (1 star) after several tries and when I get the Triple stryke mother rock (the maximum rarity), the bonus breeding does not reset.

Do you have the same bug?



I bred the 3 star Triple Strike and didn’t lose the bonus.
Got no 1 star Triple strike until now

-Edit - - -
Same with Voltknapper.
I bred a 3 star from 2 stars, not loosing the bonus


I was able to get the 1 star with no problems

So i’ve been breeding 3 stars together and I got a 5 star dragon despite it not being on the list of possible offspring and my boost bar didn’t decrease is this intentional?

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Hey Vikings, the issue should have been fixed now. Thank you for your patience!