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Bug? Warrior Quest and Regular quest broken?

I signed up for the warriors list yesterday with the new patch and got a warriors quest in addition to the normal quests. But when the daily reset happened yesterday I only received a warrior quest and not a normal quest. To be clear, before this patch every day you would receive the three daily quests (that gave 30 points and gold when completed) and one additional quest that could be changed once per day. The way the patch notes were written, it made it seem as if you should still receive all those quests and also receive an additional Warrior Quest if you purchased the quest pass. Is this not the case? Does the normal 4th daily quest no longer exist? I know several guild mates also received only the one warrior quest in addition to the normal three daily quests. Wondering if this is a bug and we should still be receiving that additional quest?

The regular and daily quests have been updating at the same time each day. Unless the schedule has changed, the daily regular quest update will occur in approx, 8 hours.

My quests reset at 7pm for me each day (central time, US) but last night with the reset I didn’t get the regular quest, that is why I am asking, we should have received one then. If there is no longer a regular quest along with the 3 daily quests, i wonder if you can even finish the monthly list as the amounts per tier seem to increase (1st was 100, 2nd is 150).

So i am wondering if it was a bug yesterday (or with warrior pass) or if the normal 4th daily quest is gone for good.

I am in the same boat. the first day all quests went active. I completed all of them before the daily reset, but once the reset happened all i had was one quest. it was my understanding reading the patch notes that you would have the normal daily AND an additional warrior one that was combat based so if you paid you should essentially get 2 quests a day. If that is not how it works i have no idea how anyone is supposed to get all rewards done and fill up the extra gold thing.


same as you. where is my regular quest? hmm…

Ditto…only hero quest. Defeat Lizardfolk to boot. Big green guys in Lightfinger??? Just did a run, did not come across any. Concerned that they are going to put those rewards far out of reach.

looks like it’s fixed. For me anyway

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This issue does not seem universal. I have had the daily quests, battle quest and warrior quest. Attached is a recent screenshot. I would suggest submit a support ticket for any players still having issues.

I am not yet. :thinking:

With 2 quest a day plus the 3 step daily quest that on average 30+25+20 point so 65 point each level is 150 point there 20 level of reward

It look like we have 40 day to do so

40x65= 2600
While 150x20 = 3000
If my number are correct we can’t complete the event…

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@Krom, I was considering the same issue yesterday. Unless the value of the quests increase at some point it seems impossible anyone will be able to get the final chests.

[Edit: The situation continues to worsen. The required daily quest points escalates. Day 4 requires 200 quest points]

@Ned, this appears to be a significant issue that will effect & frustrate many players. I am continually shocked by the ever expanding incompetence with these updates.

I suggest the developers quickly fix this if possible or provide suitable compensation ASAP if a fix cannot be implemented. Additionally, I suggest it would be wise to send an in-game mail to players warning of this bug and the forthcoming response. I anticipate swift action by the developers may assuage this problem and deter aggrieved players from taking advantage of the 48-hour charge-back window at the app stores.

Player reception of this update has been unfavorable as demonstrated by conversation within some of the top guilds. The chatter is reportedly adverse towards the update. I do not think letting this bug linger will help.

We’ve been hoodwinked again :rofl:

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Hey everyone, could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can grab your account info and take a closer look?


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Thanks Ned,

I have submitted a ticket. However, I commented here to hopefully hasten a response. It would be beneficial to resolve this issue swiftly as most players will soon realize the prizes at Quest Tier level 20 cannot be achieved.

I also opened a ticket regarding this.

Just some quick math to show how broken this currently is. If each level increases by 50 points as it has been show to so far, i count the total points needed to reach level 20 is 10,500. Rounding the season to 40 days, even if you bought the warrior pass and received the highest point quests (25) each day and completed every quest every day (80 points total), the most points you could get would be 3,200. At this rate, 3200 points total would only get you to level 10 rewards. Again, that is with the warrior quest. Without it, the best you could do for 55 points daily is 2,200 which would only get you to level 8.

And even using an assumption that each level of quests caps out at 200 points, this still isn’t nearly enough. Warrior pass would get you to level 17 and regular players could get to level 12. Both still way under level 20.

And all the above doesn’t even consider the extra gold you should be able to make after supposedly collecting all the levels of prizes…

Something seems really wrong here…

Hello all, can you please close the game and reopen the game. The battle pass should be fixed now.


I think they just rolled an update I logged in and I had many rewards collectables and advanced level

Edit just saw Keith post

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I’m going to assume the chest reward and point needed will be what it used to be for pack equivalent. Meaning brown one 50 point (traveler pack). Level 20 master pack 500 point and so on but it just my guess

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Excellent, it appears fixed. Thanks for the quick responses and fix.

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Yes fixed for me aswell. I nearly fainted with shock from the quick response. Now it seems attainable. I had to drop my Lizardfolk quest, 1 only got 1/95 and that was for killing an orc…

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