Bug when opening chest

I encountered a gamebreaking bug, first the game wanted me to do 1 battle and after I got a chest as a reward, I then got to open it for free, except when game gave the option to click the chest as only option, I clicked the chest but couldnt open it. I then decided to wait for it to open with time and it did… And now I have a different bug that I cant pass even with time, I try to collect the rewards from the chest, o click it, and rewards come to my screen, first the gold and well thats it, I cant anymore click it to advance and its stuck, the “fog” is moving on background so it hasnt completely frozen. Ive tried reopening and reinstalling, i have oneplus 6t.


Same issue here. Completed first battle got chest, sat timer for chest, but the first battle guide did not tigger until third battle so I cant do anything when prompted to “Tap reward chest to view the chest details”. The next screen just freezes because I already activated the chest.

Same here, and I saw another thread about the same topic. I have put in a support request, so hopefully they get on it soon

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Just like the others, I am unable to get past the first tutorial PvP chest. It says to CLICK TO OPEN but there’s absolutely no where I can possibly click to get past this screen and unlock the chest, thus stopping my progress completely.

I’ve already emailed a ticket to support just now, let’s see how long it takes them to respond. I’ve already sunk $30 into this game and to encounter such a game breaking bug like the original poster mentioned is highly disappointing.

Anything yet? suffering from the same bug and its damn annoying

Nothing yet. I’ll update the thread when I get a reply from their support.

cheers mate

Their support staff is located on the east coast of Canada. They will be starting their days in about 1 hours. (As i am typing this, its 6:55 AM for them).

From past experience, it seems like they have 1-2 guy, thats it.
So hold your breath guys!

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Hey! I don’t have an answer for you guys, but I am gonna poke the dev’s about this for you guys.

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Having the exact same issue

Still have yet to receive any response from support and now that my chest timer is done, I’m having the exact same issue as the original poster, the chest opens and I’m STUCK at the gold screen with nothing able to click on to get past it.

Quite easily the stupidest bug I’ve ever seen in any app game I’ve every played. This really makes no sense what so ever. Would appreciate a reply back soon, thanks.

Hey everyone, our team is currently looking for a solution for this issue. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.


is there anything else apart from the support key we need to provide?

Already reached out to them, no reply back. But thank you for at least acknowledging this issue and updating us that they’re at least looking into it. Until then I will be waiting and obviously not playing the game.

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Only your support key at the moment, @emodude87. :slight_smile:

Support ticket sent,
Is there an ETA on when the issue will be fixed?

Not yet, but we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated once we get more information from our team.

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Awesome, thanks for the response :slight_smile: I’d suggest also making an update on the facebook community post are there are others that are just as confused. (note how my original post was completely blind sighted)

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Just wondering, what about people who paid vip time and now cant play due to bug, will they get any compensation?

Hey Solbero, I would recommend writing into our support team so our team can take a look.

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