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Bug with alliance missions


I have a little bug. If I wanna upgrade or claim the rewards at the alliance missions, my game freezes. Take a look on the screenshot I have placed in this topic. Reboot the game or re-install the game doesn’t work. By this I can’t make any progess with it, because it doesn’t chance at all since the update came out. Any tips or ideas how to fix this? Thnx!

I’m sorry to hear that tapping on “Claim Rewards” causes your game to freeze @Kevintjuh. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re actively investigating to try and find a fix for this. In the meantime, we recommend that you claim your individual rewards from under the Alliance Missions progress bar instead of the “Claim Rewards” button. If you accidentally tap the “Claim Rewards” button and your game freezes again, force closing and relaunching the game should fix this.

What are you on about Ned? There is no way to claim anything, period. No work around. None of the rewards are collectible at this time whether the progress rewards or upgrade the incubators.

This bug cuts a good chunk of your player base off from amazing rewards. There better be some compensation for us due to this.

Feel bad for you guys going thru this. Luckily no problems in our alliance at all. Hopefully they get it fixed for the rest of you

Thanks for letting us know @cucubelu. We had some reports that claiming the individual rewards under the progress bar shouldn’t cause the game to freeze, as it seems only to freeze up the game when you’re trying to rank up the Incubator. I’ll be sure to let our team know.

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It let me click on one reward. But now this is all I get…

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We have leveled up and are at lvl 3s and not any rewards given so not working still I take it

U dont get rewards as u go

Been two days and still frozen even the progress bars are frozen at the level they were at when it first happened I’ve sent a report to support when it first happened and still no fix or even a reply

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In my alliance the individual progress bar is broken too. Nothing moves.

I’m sorry about the Alliance Missions being frozen @Glasgowpaddy. Our team is still actively working on trying to find a fix for this issue. Once we get more information on this, we’ll be sure to try and let everyone know.

I am experiencing the same issues as others. One reward was prematurely claimed and now i receive no progress

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I expect Ludia compensate everyone with Lvl 1 - 5 incubators for both Dense and Exploration missions to be fair. It has been stuck for days without any resolution for some players, while other players are progressing and collecting the rewards.


I’m not asking for extra compensation but I really hope you guys will still give us our alliance mission reward incubators once this is resolved.

Same problem here, alliance keep going on, but I’m stuck at start and can’t claim anything.

Did somebody know if at least our actions are taken in consideration for the team objective? Like if I collect DNA, will it be count in the alliance mission objective or not?

And hopefully we can at least collect the reward from the alliance mission when it will be fix or at the end of the event.


Same here. Broken since monday morning. Nothing to collect and freezes if i try. I hope im still contributing or this is unfair as it hurts the whole alliance.

Frozen (not a movie) since day1 of update. And app crashes as soon as you touch upgrade.
Killing all the game pleasure…

For me, nothing can be claimed but the game wouldn’t freeze. It’s just that the rewards cannot be claimed.

Besides, the achievements just won’t progress even though we certain have done a lot of them.