Bug with alliances, kicking members etc

Why are regular members allowed to accept applications in alliances and why are they able to kick others out? Is this some kind of bug?

Hey there, @Sprectomegakai, this certainly doesn’t sound like it’s how the Alliance system is meant to function! Our team is greatly interested in investigating this further, so if you could reach out to them at support+forums@ludia.com, including any screenshots you might have, they would really appreciate it.

Please also remember to include your support key so they can find you faster in our system!

Inviting is not a bug. All members have the option to invite others into the guild.

As far as kicking, yes, if your members can kick, then you are bugged. The leader should be the only one with a kick option, as far as I know anyway, I could be wrong and usually am. :grin:

A member may invite, but it should be up to the Leader to accept the applicant.


Only the Leader (or the “officers” we also dont have yet), should be able to review an applicant and make the final decision.