Bug with alliances

I am stuck in an unknown alliance, i arent able to send any messages in the alliance, i can request but whenever i do, i dont get any donations. I can see other members requests and i can donate to them however the weird thing is no one donates to them. I am confident that there is 50 people in this alliance so idk why no one donates. I cant see the name of the alliance or whos in it, but i remember joining this alliance a while ago and seeing ahout 50 members. I want to be kicked from the club but i am unable to ask to be kicked as i cant message in the club chat, i have no way of communicating.

Note: the only way i can see the donations/requests screen is if i create my own alliance, once im in my own club i can see this “anonymous” clubs donation screen, i see MY club panel at the top of the screen but i am apparently still in this anonymous club. If i leave my club i still get notifications when someone requests dna, but i cant get to the donations screen, instead i can only go to the screen where u can join an alliance or create one. I try joining other alliances but i just dont end up joining any, i dont actually know if i end up joining them or not, i dont even know if im in the same alliance as what i started with.

Please help this is really annoying

Btw ive tried getting a friend to join MY OWN club, i made them leader and kick me, it still doesnt fix the issue

There is a leave alliance button

Good luck, I hope they can help you. I have also been stuck in a broken guild since patch day and have not recieved any help from Ludia yet.

They gave me an incubator and told me they dont know whats going on. This was a week ago and nothing has changed or been fixed.

Kind of sucks extra hard, as I am the leader of this guild and have no guild options at. I cant even see a member list or anything. I cant even see how many members I have in my own guild.

Let me guess, your alliance is called Hotel California … :crazy_face:

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Ive got this same issue except i am just a member

I can’t see the alliance panel so i am not able to leave it

I’m sorry to hear that is happening with the Alliance feature @The_Fast_And_The_Gra. Our team had received a similar report like yours, and they’re still looking into it. Could you email our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and a screenshot of your in-game Alliance tab so they can investigate further? Thanks!