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Bug with clan Alpha dragons

So both we in Valhallas Finest and our sister clan, Valhallas Outlaw, have problems with the Alpha dragons.

In Finest we killed the dragon and have since got this and its for some hours now

Before it died one of the members got this

So hope it will be under control soon.

Our sister clan, Valhallas Outlaws, had 4-5 people get the loading bug when it was close to die and then got this

Looking forward to hear from you
//Farmer Jay - still just for you❤

Hey FarmerJay, you get a chance to battle one Alpha per day. If you have already defeated the Alpha of the day, your Clan will need to wait for the reset.

Also, it’s possible that some members from your sister Clan might not have made it in the battle in time before the Alpha was defeated.

However, if they have any concerns, do not hesitate to ask them to reach out to our support team here at

Hey @Ned

Thanks for the How to Alpha fight 101. But I do know how it goes. My problem is it wont calculate the result, like i show in the pics.

Our sister clan havent seen the defeat screen for the Alpha where you click to get the keys. So something bugged in both places


Could you reach out to our support team so our team can take a closer look for you? :smiley:

We’ve had that second one a few times. You get no rewards, but the game registers it as a win. Unfortunately support only gives 3 clan energy once and then no other compensation for these issues

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@Ned I have sent multiple things over to support. I am a member of Outlaws, and haven’t gotten anything back aside from the normal message and then the influx message.

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I’m sorry about the delay, @cybertunnel. Please rest assured that our team is working as fast as possible to try and get back to everyone who needs help.

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I understand @Ned but I think I speak for all of the community. We are getting tired of the bugs and the lack of communication around the bugs. I wouldn’t mind dealing with the bugs if I knew they were being worked on and the status of the work. If I knew the Alpha bug fix is being Beta tested, then I would be more likely to stick to the game and limit my tickets with support until the fix is released.


That’s fair, @cybertunnel. Our team is aware of some of the issues at the moment with Clan’s Alpha battle, and they’re currently working on a fix. Once we get more information from our team, we’ll try to give an update to everyone here.

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I hate to contradict you, Ned, but you can Battle an Alpha every 12 hours, not 24. The Alpha Battle energy regenerates at a rate of 1 every 4 hours. At least that has been my experience since it began.

One alpha every 24 hours. You can fight every 4 hours

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What, no; damage stays.

@R_M_MacFru What Ned is saying is you will have 1 alpha that starts each day. Lets say the alpha was strong enough that your whole clan needed 20 hours to defeat it… depending on what time zone you are in, that is one alpha for the entire day, and 4 hours between the next alpha.

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