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Bug with Einosaurus tournament

This morning, when i was fighthing im the einosaurus tournament, i was in the 1st place in predators league, and i fight one more time and i won, Why i couldn’t go to the last league? Is this a bug or something? Anyone have this problem too in the past?


Welcome to the Forum.

Top Predator and Bottom Dominator may have quite some gap so if you can’t get past first spot it simply means you need to battle more to enter Dominator, not a bug.

Hope this helps!


Yeah as @Jurassic_Fury said the gap might be quite large late in the tournament, usually it is like 50 trophies or more so one win at #1 position isn’t enough to pass to predator. Sometimes even 2-3 wins isn’t enough to go from #1 pred to #100 dom but that’s for like week long tournaments.

So so you will pass to dominator in the next win or two.