Bug with free incubator


Can’t gather my daily bonus from the incubator. When I tap it, all game is stuck. And I need to reload.


I’ve had a similar thing happen to me (Except for me no incubators were showing except the event ones) and reloading my game didn’t work,

It wasn’t until I restarted my phone and then the game that it went back to normal.


I’ve already restart my cell, but it did not help.


If you send a ticket, just mention your SHOP doesn’t work, don’t say your free incubator is bugged. They’ll probably react faster since they think they’ll receive money


Thanks, I will try this.


Same for me. Any workaround?


Yeah, sometimes the Shop is bugged … happened to me a few days ago. Restart resolved it for me.


App reinstalled few times with data and cache cleaning.

Phone also rebooted few times.

Can not access shop.


They got enough money now - now they let the game die and shut it down in a few weeks or months.