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Bug with Grimoire of Gold 200% with Monday's Gold Event

A bug. Monday’s gold challenge, i played without tome, 1st run rolled a lucky 20 got 27,000 gold. Remembered that I had a unused gift Gold Tome waiting for me so I popped the tome for 200% more gold for the remaining 3 bonus gold event attempts. 2 unlucky runs without gold but on my last one was lucky again. I rolled another 20 and my face jawdropped as the game clearly showed me to receive a whopping in gold. It displayed 81000 gold as my reward. Then unfortunately when I returned to game home screen I received only 27,000. Not sure if Grimoire’s calculations are adding up but it appears the tome doesn’t apply its bonus to this challenge or since it reached the highest reward it capped out (rather unfairly I might add since I did pop gems to rez my guys once and spent the 45 gems to do the extra runs.) Anyway I sent a ticket and hope that the games logs show what transpired since I don’t have screenshots.

Welcome back, Kalidor. Our support team would be glad to have a look once they get the chance to read your message. If you haven’t already, kindly provide them your support key to expedite locating your account in our system. Thank you.