Bug with hit and run / counter attack


HI, just found a small bug with victory points and some moves. oponent used hit and run, hit me, I used counter attack and killed him. Victory point was displayed, but battle did not end, as new dinosaur was chosen on opponents part. My attack was executed and we continued figthting.

I got picture to illustrate situation:


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Hey SanyCZ, thanks for reporting this, I’ve never seen that before. Contact our support team with your support key at support+forums@ludia.com with more information and that screenshot so they can investigate this further.


Encountered a glitch this weekend in Battle mode. I submitted a ticket, but just wanted to see if anyone else out there experienced this… if not, watch out for it.

I had a dino with a Passive Counter-Attack and he was against a dino with Hit and Run.

We were 2 to 2, he did Hit and Run, he hit my dino, my dino did a Counter-Attack which KO’d the dino… I got my 3rd Victory… but instead of ending the match, the KO’d dino “Ran” and swapped out with a fresh lvl 14 Velociraptor. I now had to beat this velociraptor to get my 4th round win just to win the Match.

Anyone else experience this? I have won with a Hit and Run attack where it brings out my new dino then does the Victory dance… but I think the code should end it before the swap happens in both instances.


Lol, you guys beat the game :smiley: well done! I hope you won regardless. Fun bug but I hope they fix it.



Just reporting glitch in match I just played…

My opponent dealt my 3rd Dino the match winning blow as a counter-attack as I automatically swapped out. The match carried on, even though they should have won… see print screens… (first print screen is me able to carry on fighting, even though they have downed 3 of my dinos, second print screen shows us both with 3 downed dinos) I then downed their Dino… and it showed 3 full slots in each of our scores… then said ‘opponent wins’. So in the end the result was correct, but reporting the glitch nevertheless:)imageimage


So I made an account just to reply to this. I also killed three dinosaurs by using counter when my opponent used impact and run. It said I killed three yet the match continued. My opponent beat my dinosaur and the match ended in a draw. Please fix this.


It is this bug in this thread: Bug with hit and run / counter attack

Happened to a few of us… counter attack vs hit and run.


Same issue right now


I had megalosuchus and opponent had paramoloch we each had 2 Dino’s down he used rampage and run and my Dino counter attacked and knocked his 3rd Dino out then it put his 4th Dino in which knocked mine out and we drew ?


If the last dinosaur is killed by a counter attack, the match still proceeds even though 3 dinos are already dead.
This has happened to me 2 times when the opponent’s 3rd Dino was killed.

In both cases, I managed to kill the 4th Dino too, so I’m not sure what happens if the opponent kills my 3rd DinoScreenshot_20180802-192905Screenshot_20180729-223137


Who first get 3 kills, win. I know because it happened to me


As you can see in both screenshots, I’ve defeated 3 already, but the match has not ended.


I know, but still. I defeated my opponent’s 3 dinos and opponent defeated also my 3 at next turn!


Yes, but this is not the case of a draw where the opponent has killed my 3 dinos. Draws have happened to me a few times and that stands to reason.

This is the case where a counter attack kills the 3rd Dino of an opponent, and I have at least 1 or more remaining.


I can confirm this as well


Check my post OP. It happened to me too.


If counter strike kills your dinosaur (giving the opponent three marks), then the game continues on as normal. If you manage to kill the opponents dinosaur after this happens the game will end in a 3-3 draw, if the opponent still manages to kill your fourth dinosaur, the opponent wins.


I also experienced this bug, when counter attacking the opponent’s dino and KO him when he used the Hit and Run ability, then the 4th dino appears.

Please fix this :pray:


Lol this just keeps happening to me I get 3 wins but it makes it a draw this is the fourth time in a row I can honestly say I’m pretty done with this game like someone els said it’s a good idea this game they just can’t stop cheating it’s sad. i have put photos in here for proof image I would put more photos but apparently you can’t being a new member lol


Its a bug where your counter attack causes a kill on last dino and doesnt end it.