Bug with new update and one time offers

That’s so sad we missed out

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Soooooo, they don’t want us to spend more money on the game? Strange.

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My thoughts exactly Mike

Same thing happened to me.

It is super disappointing - more so as this isn’t the first time this has happened. It really upsets the fair playing field when offers are available to some accounts but not to others. I think some sort of restitution is in order!

Wow, I want to say “no wonder” but that’s really…shouldn’t be.

Why you let the same glitch happened again and again?
I lost 2 one time offers, happened in different update.
And after several months, still can’t help us again?

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No they won’t

Right…I spend money on the game, and I WANT to give them money for offers like this, but I can’t.

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Was saving cash for the one time offer getting into aviary but when I loaded up the game I couldn’t access the offer. The other details being popped up on screen over rode it & i couldn’t accept or decline it. Had to force close the game & re open it.

I took a screen shot of itany chance it could be re offered?

I’ve heard others on metahub having the same issue but couldn’t see a thread about it here. Maybe I’m blind!


You can see in the pic it’s asking if I want to decline it but it’s not actually there to accept. I wanted to accept it…

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Any update on what happened with all those one time level up offers that bugged out after the update? I, like everyone else it sounds, was never able to collect it and if memory serves me there was a post saying Ludia was aware and looking into it and would provide an update?