Bug with Raids

I thought you guys have fixed it!! But no!!! Why Am I expecting something from you ??

It still lets us join twice the lobbies i. raid and the whole lobby becomes bugged.

Can you simply put a constraint there that if there is a session active have the chance to kill the previous session and start with the new one???

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a lobby
  2. invite people, fill lobby then simulate people leaving, then kick everyone
  3. leave the lobby
  4. you will see the Boss has still people in, even though everyone was kicked and I left the lobby
  5. click join.
  6. Tadah!!! you can’t use that boss for about 15 minutes.

This commonly happens after being defeated in a raid and by some reason a person’s game fails and the people is still appears there as looping, clicking join get you in twice,

Ohhhh you can select different dinos too in each session!!!

I can’t believe this, just read the change logs for the latest update and this hasn’t been fixed… says they are working on it.

This game has gotten wise since I started and I’m losing interest fast.

The most notable fixes are some visual bugs… They don’t fix anything big long time ago. “box on boss too large” LOL. They don’t now how to fix it so they change bosses XD

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Yeah they are adding content for prioritizing getting new people instead of actually making this better for the current base of players.