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Bug with the lightfurry?

Hello, i’m not fluent in english but gonna try my best, here’s my problem,

I just had the lightfurry with the previous event, i leveled up her, but her ability is not leveling up, i tried 7 times with 40% of leveling up and nothing, one time it says ability was up 2 to 3 but when i came back in the game the ability gone down to 2 again. Is it a bug ? Someone having the same issues ?


Hey Sonow, when levelling up a dragon, there is no guarantee that their ability will level up as well. There was also a change with the ability pop-up since the last update which resulted in it being seen all the time.

However, when your ability does level up, there will be an animation on it with additional details.

However, if you still have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key, and our team can take a closer look.

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i sent a mail thanks