Bug with Thor's moves and delay?

So I was battling in arena and startef with Thor. My opponent had suchotator. I did defense shattering impact and opponent did bleed. Afterwards i switched to indoraptor and opponent did instant distraction. Indo killed sucho and I battled further until indo was killed. So i chose thor again…but i couldn’t choose the moves defense shattering rampage and instant charge, while i had already performed a move before and the 1 turn delay is therefore alreadt done. Is this a bug? Did you you experience this too?

When you swap dino, counter is reset. You swapped Thor out after you made a move and swapped back in later. So you need to perform move again to open Defense Shattering Rampage and Instant Charge.

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Thanks for your reply, imre. Thats exactly whats going in in the game…it resets after swap. I was just wondering if this should be like that, since the description clearly says 1 turn delay. Doing a first move + swap to other dino are actually already 2 moves. So if the description is right, the 1 turn delay moves should be available already.

I’m surprised someone can have played long enough to have a unique, yet didn’t experience this before? It’s how it’s supposed to be, and it’s like that for all dinos.

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Sorry Sherwin, bc that’s working as designed and much like many other dinos that have a 1-move delay. Conversely, it’s also beneficial in cases of resetting cooldown on specific moves. E.g. I-REX/indom cloak, or even your suchotator’s lethal wound.
Enjoy Thor!

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Thanks for your reply, graddox. And nithas, thats because i dont usually swap because i dont play with hit and runners or SIA dinos, so never paid attention to it :slight_smile:

I also just play for fun now. After the 1st tournament and having finished at approx 4300 trophies, i decided it was not worth the effort to do better and try for 4500-5000 trophies. So i dont pay much attention now on the competetive part and i also stoppef counting turns/cool downs and delays…i just noticed it now :slight_smile: