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Bug with V's academy trial

Bug with V’s academy trial. The trial keeps resetting. I completed 3 levels and paid gems for final VIP. Went away and when I came back it had reset to 1st level. Got to 2nd level, only for it to reset back to start again while I took a break. This is happening to a lot of guild members

Me too lost all my progress. And my gem entry fee

I and 75% of my guildies are having the same reset issue. Really frustrating for the people trying to get Varja


True I just lost 400 diamonds and it is sad

The bug is back. In the VIP event. I lost 400 diamonds

Credit where credit is due the support chap was really helpful and made things right. So thank you ludia.

I was able to change gear and have to wait some times in the end it worked out.