Bugassic Park?


As shown in the image, there are no bottons for attacking. At all. And this hasn’t been the first. Before anybody says anything about my connection, yes, my connection is safe and good.

Moving on.

Sometimes, in PVP, it appears the “waiting for opponent” thing or something like that with the blue circle loading, then I wait, until the clock hits zero, and the game just stays like that. Then I reset the app, and it appears that I’ve just lost to an opponent. What the heck?

Other times, my bottons don’t work during battles, like the attacking or dinosaur swapping buttons. It’s very annoying

I hope y’all can fix this stuff.

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Bug during battle
Bug again
Damn again bug
Random crashing during battles
Battle Error

Only happened a few times to me out of lots of battles.

Each time it was connection issues on my end.

Edit: actually, I only ever Battle when at home on my WiFi so this is probably why I haven’t had any issues in the Arena. I don’t Battle when using my mobile data.



Have been experiencing the same issue hundreds of times already.

When having a very clear chance to win, the screen freezes out. The autobot selects the weakest attack for your mon. And you’re gone.

This is despite having a full bar 4G connection.

On a related note, there are many types of error codes. So if we decide to continue playing we have to live with junk servers the game have.

My take, although the fun of the game is the arena, there are so many issues unattended. Freezing screens, bot accounts, pitted against unfair opponents (overpowered opponent mons) and being disconnected when you’re clearly winning - despite having excellent internet coverage

Battle about to start… disconnected…

Managed to log into the game. The game freezes.

Result ain’t pretty at all.

Chasing an Epic mon… hoping that it won’t escape… guess what…?

What did Ludia do? Hmmm… Nothing to tell the truth.

Their concern is their shareholders; not stakeholders.


I got better for this provided I can find the videos and grab screenshots. In one battle, I have no idea what happened, but when my dino was knocked out and I had to pick another one, I chose my raptor, but nothing happened. It sat there, with the team screen down, but the clock kept ticking like nothing happened. Next thing I knew, my Doliphosaurus had been sent out against my foe’s raptor, and needless to say I lost. Wasn’t happy.

In another instant, I was against a guy with nothing but Epics (who I beat), and he had out his Ouran. When he used Strike and Run, the screen glitched out completely for a sec. While I did win the match, I found that odd and suspected if the jerk tried hacking and failed. Yeah, my dinos don’t like hackers; they’re crit your butt XD

When I get the chance and find the videos, I’ll grab screenshots and post them.


I had this happen to me last night. My connection was stable, but my battery was low (20%) and a warning pop up from my phone came up telling me to charge it. When I closed it, I could still see the battle but I couldn’t do anything, my interface was gone. The pop up had disconnected me from the game.

My point is that it is a connection error, not necessarily because your connection is bad, but maybe because for whatever reason (maybe the game itself’s fault) you got disconnected from the game.


Ludia’s servers don’t have any quality at all!


it happened to me


Okay, I found the videos and grabbed the screenshots. The first one is the “Glitch-and-Run”:

This next one is a series from when the “hacker” screwed me over:

So yeah, to that jerkwad, I want my victory back.

Update now loads of problems

why dont you search the forums before freaking out? Bug again


I had this happen to me… but i was using a older device, and check your internet…you need very good connection to play this game and it takes a lot of resources because of gps


I have perfect intentet where I live and always had. And also, my GPS system doesn’t have any flaws. That’s why I was like “wut?”

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I know I’ve got good internet. Starting to wonder if there’s a more complex thing going on like what router you got, service provider, whether you have cable/dish/stream…



Half the battle, no matter what Dino I used, it wouldn’t give me the option to pick an attack. The buttons all disappeared making me lose the battle.


Restart the app, it has been a bit dodgy lately…


I had just opened the app to play. First thing I did was battle. The app hadn’t been opened beforehand.


this happens to everytime that:

i get a txt notification
i get a low battery warning
i plug my phone on charge during a battle
i get a new notification

etc etc

its really annoying. best thing is restart immediately. if ur lucky u will rejoin the battle in enough time not to lose


Hey Cady_Lynn_Skibbee, sorry about what happened in battle, I can see how annoying it would be when you can’t attack your opponent in battle. If this happens again, can you please try tapping on the ‘swap’ button and then cancelling swap? This should make your dino’s abilities reappear.

In the meantime, our team would like to investigate this issue further, so if you could please contact them here at support+forums@ludia.com with as much information as you can and your support key, it’ll be very helpful.


Suddenly gone. I had to change the dinosaur. I lost because of this bug. please correct this bug.


Hey NOAas, thanks for reporting this to us. I’m sorry about what happened, but if this happens again can you try tapping on the ‘swap’ button and then cancelling the swap? You should be able to see your dino’s abilities after doing so.

Our staff would like to investigate this. Can you please contact our team at support+forums@ludia.com with your Support Key included in the email?

Bugassic Park?

Hey Thomas_Van_Damme, thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ll make sure to let our developers know.

If anyone else also experiences this issue, please let us know in the comments below!