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Bugged alpha energy

Hello there
I have a small question. Yesterday I sent a ticket to support because alpha was bugged. They answered that they will give me 3 Clan energy and I am really thankful that they answered so fast.:grinning:But when I opened my game I haven’t anything in my mail.:disappointed: I tried to restart game 2 times and still nothing. And I wrote my support key in my mail too. But I have nothing. Can I ask when I will get my energy?

It might not show up right away. When I didn’t receive items I’d paid for and I got a response saying they would send the items via terror-mail, there was a delay. I believe a day, maybe two at the very most.

The same happened with Alpha keys (albeit that was a different situation), though the wait on that was certainly within a day. It just depends, I think. If you don’t receive anything within 2-3 days, I’d send a message again explaining the situation.

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They now add clan energy directly into your totals. They don’t go to your terror mail anymore.