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Bugged Alphas - Fury Guardians statement

Fury Guardians has something to say about bugged Alphas, especially 2 specific rascals over here.

A. Foreverbugged
It’s been a while that we talked about bugged Alphas, but… just when is the Foreverwing getting fixed? It is overpowering in the sense the vines grow from many directions, and even with the best gameplay we can’t always clean up. And when we don’t, which is often, the vines grow 3x time and take over the whole boards. Then, since this Alpha is also way too clever, has developed a severe preference for special tiles, we don’t always have the means to get the board back in order. Or even if we do, strike well, as it can even target our secondary special tiles or neighboring tiles and block out moves severely.

B. Shellfired
The Shellfire Alpha was made stronger upon the request of a clan family because it was, at the time, considered too easy. It was buffed thrice. Well, a few days now, I’ve noticed a strange behavior from the dragon, and it’s not only me, it’s others from clan affected. We suspect it’s going rogue. Why? Last 2 times we’ve faced it, it could wipe out our whole teams in one go, and good teams at that. Like, it suddenly releases a way too strong hit and ends the battle too soon, while we’ve got even half our moves pending.

Now, I can recall at the time before the update worrying that if Shellfire is getting stronger before the Foreverwing is going to be fixed, we would end up with Foreverwing not getting fixed - and possibly a Shellfire going rogue in the end. Turns out I was right.

As the leader of Fury Guardians I ask that you fix this, ludia. My clanmates aren’t happy, and quite frankly, neither am I.


Hey Featherwing, thank you for your report. I’ll keep a note of this and pass it back to our team.


Thank you @Ned

I completely agree and back up everything Featherwing has mentioned because I have seen and had to deal with these issues. Complete game freezes and delayed combos costing a turn is also still an issue, although I know this problem has been brought up in other posts .

I Totally agree that Foreverwing is a Big issue. His vines are really annoying and I dread facing this particular alpha.

But with Shellfire i’m not sure. His deadly Attack (that hits all your dragons) doesn’t come suddenly at all. As far as I’m aware this AOE attack only happens if you ignore the ballistas (or don’t manage to defuse them in time).


No, Zhyan, last 2 times we faced it it suddenly releases a way too strong hit at our dragons, wiping out the whole team. Even dragons with full energy.

This has nothing to do with the ballistas. They’re fine and I can defuse them. So do the others.


The delayed combos is up to RNG with tiles. I couldn’t fit it in this particular report, but I’ll see if I can find any other posts about it.

Sigh, bugs are so many one can never be done with them. :s

My clan faced Shellfire yesterday, but noone mentioned any such sudden attack (i guess i’ll have to look out for this next time we face it).

Also just wondering: Did any of your clan members record their battle? It may help figure out why the sudden attack happens (and how to avoid it next time?)

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Sadly, I have no proof of the bug. No recordings there. Or screenshots, anything. I can only send mail to ludia and let them investigate yesterday’s Alpha. And I will. After I’m done putting my complaints in public. :wink:

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Also foreverwing vines will grow diagonally to grab a special tile, it never does it otherwise which makes the favoritism toward special tiles even weirder


I don’t know about diagonally, but it sure does know how to find our special tiles - and grab them. It can even grab 2 at once now, gotten worse.


It rarely ever misses a special tile. :frowning:

I’ve seen it enough times, it will grab them diagonally, only special tiles

Have to break balistas…

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Talisax, really, I said the ballistas are fine. The bug is on the dragon’s direct fire attack on our teams.

Sigh, I’ll try to watch for the diagonally part. But I think it just grabs them wherever they are, even 2 at a time. Rarely misses one.

@Featherwing I noticed that if I‘m not able to stun Shelly often enough (I try to only wake him up to spawn ballistas and get him back to sleep afterwards) that his hits are really strong, not only against my yellow dragons. My 3-star B&B and used-to-be-3-star LF back then would mostly survive all Alpha battles, maybe one of them dying within, but they would definitely die by 2-3 hits of Shelly. I don‘t know if it‘s intended that Shelly‘s hit is this strong.
I have a ton of vid recordings for Alpha attacks (still investigating eaten up turns by Alphas, I‘m thinking about calculating the average lost number), maybe I should search them although they don‘t show that most of my dragons are maxed with 2000 HP+, none under 1600 HP, only that their health is rapidly vanishing by Shelly‘s regular hits …


As a member of the Fury Guardians i support al of the complaints that are Made above , the shelfire was killing my bomwelter and skullcrusher in one move :sob:

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For some reason it kills my yellow first, if I don’t fire enough times the dragon. And well, since I only have 1 trained yellow, rest falls on purple and other colors. Sometimes Toothless shows Shellfire not to mess with him, some other times… He can wipe out the whole team while the dragons are fully healthy at that.

Most of my problem here is I don’t have a good yellow or purple counterattack dragon to use along with Toothless and Brutewurst. I have to rely on other colors, and well, since only Tricky and Hailfate have real team wide shields, and I lack both dragons’ dupes, I am sort of doomed when something goes wrong.

Either way, the Shellfire’s fire attacks had been strengthened by the devs team, but the last 2 days it was out of control.

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I like the idea of stunning the Alpha for specific periods of time but… when you don’t get enough yellow tiles, it cannot be done.

It’s too highly dependent on tiles to be the solution.

But I am glad you believe me on this and have noticed it’s become too strong yourself. Hopefully your calculations can shed more light in the matter. Please update us here with what you get. Thanks.

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