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Bugged Alphas - Fury Guardians statement

Hey, I totally get that. I’m only just now starting (barely. Ennnnh it’s an uphill climb) to get other dragons that are better options leveled up, but sometimes you just have to work with what you got ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Bombwelter has been with me for so long. Near and dear to me he is. I, personally, don’t actually mind Shellfire, it’s just if you make a single misstep you are really kind of…screwed? At least at my level, if I’m not close to the end of the round or able to buck up.

Foreverwing is my biggest challenger though. Still really messes me up with how he dominates the board so aggressively.


But you won‘t get ballistas until his spirit is full and that depends on the number of tiles that hit him, no matter which color. Plus if my dragons are not strong enough to survive multiple normal hits of Shellfire I‘ll rather stun him and take my 25-40k hit instead of dying and get a 15k hit. Plus yellow tiles deal good damage, I have 40k+ hits with Alpha stunned almost all the time because he wakes up three or four times to spawn ballistas and won‘t do anything else. And I won‘t risk getting ballistas if I‘m not sure that I can clear them, I‘d rather stun one more turn to get a better board. Again, better a 30k hit than dragons dying and getting 15k.

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When my dragons died last I did 5k. :joy:

Totally humiliating. I didn’t strike this low when I had 2800BP.

I use torch on all but blue alpha, have no better red for alpha but he does well

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The only time you should ever even think of a heal would. Be 10*, but even then I dont take and my dragons survive

If you stun him and then get more tiles cascading, you’ve now delayed your balistas a turn. You may only get ballistas twice that way instead of 4 or more

I get at least 3 times ballistas every run, of course I won‘t stun Alpha as he‘s almost full and I‘m ready for ballistas (set up special tiles or good board) … My main point was that I won‘t sacrifice my dragons for another round of ballistas I might not be able to clear, too much gambling in my opinion. But that‘s up to your choice.

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Back on the topic: I searched two vids of 9 star Shelly from August and this are the results:
maxed Bombwelter and almost maxed Skywarden with health around 1900-2000HP are three shotted because Shelly‘s normal hit deals like 800-900 damage against yellow dragons. My 3 star stuck B&B and LF with health around 1600-1700 HP and maxed SoS with 2400 HP get normal hits from Shelly around 570-620 damage. Can‘t tell about purples as I always double stack. LF survived some battles only with her ability to dodge I guess.

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Edit: one of the vids where I stunned Shelly for certain periods of time shows my personal best 58k hit, I still got 4 ballistas by waking Shelly up and he could deal his normal hit 6 times which resulted in only one dead dragon near the end of the battle.

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I see. And your teams… survived?

I only use healers when I have to, I’m more a counterattack player. At least against Alphas.

Mostly, Skywarden is likely to die away as she is a yellow and B&B is on the edge most times but I‘ll hopefully get his dupe soon. LF saves herself through dodging and meanwhile became a 4 star, Bomb could regain enough health if I activate him while B&B‘s buff is active (regains 400 HP by activating special if 40% armor break is active) and SoS is kinda untouchable with 2400 HP and bonus health.
Edit: I mostly get good boards and am able to stun Shelly if I‘m not ready for ballistas, I got no clue when I last missed one ballista and I bet my rate is like 1 missed ballista for 10 attacks or more. I‘m a lucky bee most of the time.

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I’m sort of the same with you in this. Only I usually can deal with the Foreverwing (got reds and blues) easier than others, though it’s getting completely out of hand nowadays, having stayed so long without a fix, which is ridiculous, and Shellfire I dread as I don’t have enough attacks/defenses. Funny thing is even people with good, trained yellows have problems with the Shellfire, much like I’m starting to have real problems with the Foreverwing.

Wrong dragon was “fixed” that’s for sure.

My Lighty is what you’d call an adolescent. Can’t use her in battle now. :frowning:

I need a copy for Hailfate and Tricky, am trying to max out my Anveil. From blues.

Yellows… I really have a shortage. I’m trying to at least get it to a point I have 2 3-star yellows and a 4-starred Toothless, along with Revenger and… I would like to get the purple Ridgesnipper for color counterattack. Until then, I rotate between Sky-Pirate, and some blue or red.

But see, I can do a good hit a few times and then… I get screwed a few more. And if it were just me, fine; I would swallow it. I’m not though.

I like the strategy facts you shared and all, they’re all at useful, but still, none of it explains the team wipes that a dragon we’ve been facing again and again was suddenly able to do last 2 times. Not just to me either.

I don’t worry against the balistas as they get fired back at the dragon if my shield is active. Just in case I don’t get to defuse.

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@Featherwing [sorry, forgot to tag]
Hm … So far I had team wipes only by missed ballistas and noticed Shelly‘s extremely strong normal hit. I‘m very sure if I find a team wipe in my vids it will be because of a ballista. Take notice that ballistas are only destroyed by actual matches, usually not by combos. (I didn‘t know that before and was shocked as one ballista exploded although I matched in a way that tiles would match around the ballista afterwards. That‘s not enough to deactivate / backfire ballistas, it has to be your actual match next to them / with them for that.)
But the way you described the issue it sounds like a bug to me.


I needed one month to get my first Bombwelter and two more to max him. Yellows have not been good for me until then - so keep fighting and stay strong!


Right… It was its fire though that did it. If there was a balista exploding out of my shields, which happens to me with Screaming Deaths more, don’t you think I would notice though?

No, it was the direct attack of its fire against my dragons. For 2-3 other clanmates as well.

Definitely has to have been a bug.

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I am close to getting Cloudjumper :wink:

Bombwelter… Perhaps in clan chest. Don’t see any other way for it.