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Bugged Alphas - Fury Guardians statement

This was something I’ve noticed too. But more in the sense of it being that you really have to break those ballistas or have a strong healer on your team because Shellfire can easily wipe you out completely, no matter your strength.

I still get good damage in…if I’m able to make it through the rounds. Which, for the most part, I am. It’s just every now and again I’ll either miss a ballista or just be unlucky and severely pay for it. It can make the difference between a 32k attack and a 9k attack. Which is just…It does wound the pride a bit. As well as feel a bit disappointing for the team.

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Of course the yellows are killed first, Shelly is a purple and therefore does greater damage on yellows. So his very strong normal hit becomes even stronger against yellows.


Yes, most of the times I‘m lucky with RNG for Shelly and get the yellow tiles I need, but if I’m not lucky enough for one time - goodnight.

I’ll search my vids as soon as I got some time for that!

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I was suspecting as much - regarding the yellow/purple color dynamic.

It killing the whole team in 1-2 turns though is something else entirely :s

Not to mention team can’t strike as much without the yellows anyway. (For when it’s only the yellow he takes out.)

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You dont stun shellfire. You want him activ e to make balistas so you can do more damage against hin

Shellfire never kills my dragons unless I dont break balistas, and never will he kill all of my dragons unless i miss every round of balistas. This is currently levels 5,6,9 and 10 that I face

You stun him until his spirit bar is full and then wake him up to spawn ballistas, break ballistas, set him back to sleep until spirit bar is full again.


I deactivate the balistas, and when I don’t, my counterattack turns them against the Alpha. It’s the Alpha’s firing strength I’m concerned about. A 7-star Shellfire appears to fire stronger hits than the 8-star Screaming Death my clan just faced.

I do use BruteWurst. When I don’t get enough tiles, the dragon dies. Sometimes taking a whole healthy team along with him.

And not because of ballistas. Because of the strength of direct attacks of Shelly against my team. Not just mine either.

You will get more balistas if you stop stunning him. More balistas= more damage

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You do t want healers on alphas

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I’ve never been bold enough to try a 3* on an Alpha, though a clanmate had suggested using Hide-Fryer on one, another had also mentioned 3*s dying too quickly, which was what I was most concerned about. I usually only have a healer on my team because they’re a neutral/strong color that happen to work.

I.e I have a Frosty Sparguard whom gives me +25% to reds, but he’s quickly dropping out of favor anyway due to lack of dupes and Hailfate quickly catching up, who would also take place of my TTH (since Hailfate gives counterattack and +% to reds) to allow room for the recently acquired Lightfury, etc

EDIT: That was kind of rambling. My point being, I’m not certain- and correct me if I’m wrong, because I very well could be- but at a certain Alpha level I don’t know if 3* dragons are viable a means?

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Actually, I do. Brute is the only yellow trained enough to use, Alphas are stronger than me anyway and I need my counterattack and sniper dragons healthy and ready.

My healer for Shellfire is strong color, lol. I got Tricky and Hailfate as well, though no dupes, while Revenger is getting close to 4-starred. Toothless will be the first to be 4-starred though; he’s even closer.

I use who I can, who I’ve trained the most, and so far they’ve been viable. I can even strike against 8-star. It’s good.

With the Shellfire, though, claimates with fully trained Bomby (+other dragons) have had similar issues. All my clan hates the Shellfire.

They hate the Foreverwing too, and sometimes I do too, for even though I can strike it gets stronger and stronger and all the more insane.

Hey, I totally get that. I’m only just now starting (barely. Ennnnh it’s an uphill climb) to get other dragons that are better options leveled up, but sometimes you just have to work with what you got ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Bombwelter has been with me for so long. Near and dear to me he is. I, personally, don’t actually mind Shellfire, it’s just if you make a single misstep you are really kind of…screwed? At least at my level, if I’m not close to the end of the round or able to buck up.

Foreverwing is my biggest challenger though. Still really messes me up with how he dominates the board so aggressively.


But you won‘t get ballistas until his spirit is full and that depends on the number of tiles that hit him, no matter which color. Plus if my dragons are not strong enough to survive multiple normal hits of Shellfire I‘ll rather stun him and take my 25-40k hit instead of dying and get a 15k hit. Plus yellow tiles deal good damage, I have 40k+ hits with Alpha stunned almost all the time because he wakes up three or four times to spawn ballistas and won‘t do anything else. And I won‘t risk getting ballistas if I‘m not sure that I can clear them, I‘d rather stun one more turn to get a better board. Again, better a 30k hit than dragons dying and getting 15k.

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When my dragons died last I did 5k. :joy:

Totally humiliating. I didn’t strike this low when I had 2800BP.

I use torch on all but blue alpha, have no better red for alpha but he does well

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The only time you should ever even think of a heal would. Be 10*, but even then I dont take and my dragons survive