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Bugged Alphas Revisited -- Fury Guardians statement

I know that with the Arena update Alphas didn’t get the attention necessary, and thus, some problems are yet to be resolved.

Alpha stealing moves
It’s become a tradition to lose at least the last move to an Alpha, sometimes even more. Perhaps some action was taken by the devs but… not enough. Happens still. Often.

Alpha battle stealing energy.
Battling 1 Alpha and it getting messed with the next…
Happens once a month to me, but it’s happened to a clanmate some days ago. And another just moments ago (tonight). So, yeah, still an issue.

Bugged species

  1. Foreverbugged
    Just when is going this species to get a fix? It’s the buggest Alpha and no one bats an eye. It eats our special tiles, had even developed an ability to root in place 2-3 in one go… Well, now it also targets neighboring tiles we could use to unblock the specials. And the roots… Oh, they still grow in 3x speed and we can’t do anything about it making us spend junk moves of 3 matches we don’t need as we get out of options, then stay back and watch as the board resets… Only for the Alpha to receive no damage.
  2. Shellfire
    It doesn’t release a too strong blast anymore. There haven’t been other cases of fired our teams out in 1-3 blasts of glistening fire. Ballistas work ok for me as well.
    I don’t know, though, if that had got to do with the level of Shelly we were fighting. I mean, the issues I mentioned in the previous statement was about 7-star Shelly, and then… we moved up and the issue stopped occurring for us.
  3. Screaming Death
    This Alpha doesn’t get damage from its own bombs when we use a special tile to force them on top. Bomb doesn’t explode at all.

I still get the battle failing to continue loading at “Hitching Hackamores” and have to restart.

Clan disconnecting, everyone appearing as “NewName#000” and with 0000 Alpha points where thousands would be, Alpha disappearing as well.

Something must be done about these as well as some Arena fixing up. They’re not less important.

Featherwing// Aesther_the_Merciful


P.S. Earlier statement = Bugged Alphas - Fury Guardians statement

Just asked my clan if anybody had issues with their Alpha Battles then came here and found this post. Over the past week or so I have been having the Alpha battle seeming to end very I had 6 moves and BAM my battle was over. The battle before that practically every move was a combo of 3 or higher and I ended up with 28000 something, from my team of 7716. I am going to have to pay attention for the energy stealing too, glad I’m not crazy!

Uh, this thread of mine is really old… Ludia has done some renovations to the Alpha system, changed how Alphas work… And bugged species and Alphas eating moves and energy subsided for a while, except for the gaping boards on Screaming Death (and for some, on Violet Death too) that appeared right after - and soonafter a fix-it was released to make these boards normal. Some time later, I think some people still get boards, and I have noticed the stealth of moves has sorta returned and affects my last move in some of the battles. And in some cases, Alpha will eat energy instead of loading battle (1st battle). Rare but still happens sometimes. Then there has also been another new issue about 3/3 energy not always loading for some people… While the Screaming Death bombs have still not changed regarding their old habit not exploding on the Alpha if dealt with in 1 move; all changes and fixes to the Alpha system did not affect that. So, all in all, while some fixes regarding the Alphas have been applied, bugs aren’t completely gone.

I should make a new thread though. Perhaps about bugs in general, and not just Alphas.

This thread could possibly get locked for necro-posting anyway. Due to there being 3 months of silence since it was created compared to when you commented.

:point_up: This is usually the case, but I think we can make an exception. :slight_smile: