Bugged Arena 5 Incubators: No Irritator DNA, only Purrusaurus/Arena 4 dinos


With 1.3, the incubators were changed to guarantee/focus on Exclusive dinosaurs based on the Arena you are in. This means, at Arena 5, epic incubators will award Stygimoloch(the last/only epic up to Arena 5), rare incubators will award Irritator Gen 2(the last/only common available up to Arena 5), and common incubators should award Irritator(the last rare unlocked IN Arena 5).

However, after opening close to 15 Common Incubators, I consistently get Purrusaurus instead of Irritator DNA. Has anyone else noticed this? I wanted to sit in Arena 5 to farm both Irritator DNA with the new incubator mechanics, but I have yet to get Irritator Gen 1 DNA after 2 weeks.

Edit: In fact, when you preview the incubators, the common doesn’t even mention giving exclusive DNA like the other two do.


I’m in Sorna, and it’s been suggested (and I certainly can corroborate) that the DNA awarded seems more like what Arcadia should be getting. You do get a smattering of all the previous arena’s DNA, but they don’t seem be dispersed as expected.


Yeah, I’ve failed to get Irritator DNA once in the last 2 weeks of Incubators in Arena 5. Is anyone else encountering this in Arena 5? I just continuously only get Purrusaurus, Triceratops Gen 1/2, and Charlie DNA in my incubators.

Ludia, can you look into this?


Lol welcome to the game… Whether it’s free or paid incubators. The game is designed to give you worthless goodies… maybe if you spend a few hundred… Then you will get something good :slight_smile: