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Bugged battle system


Since yesterday I’ve had a glitch happen 3 times where I’ll enter a battle and it’ll kick me back out saying “battle timed out” or something too that effect. I’ll go back into a battle and it’ll load up the environment for the battleground but won’t have dinosaurs or a menu or anything other than the environment and it just sits there, if i reload the game it’ll bring me back in but my dinosaurs will be in a battle half way dead as someone’s been killing my AFK dinos due to the glitch. This keeps causing losses because it’s putting out whatever it chooses and doing what it chooses till i regain control and it usually picks the worst moves/dinosaur for the situation. It didn’t seem to do this until i unlocked “S.S. Arcadia” i don’t know if there has been any updates in the past 2 days or not but that’s when it started.


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