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Bugged Dices

Hello Ludia, how is it possible that in the last almost 150 dices i have rolled i didn’t receive not a single 20?
Take in account that at least 100 dices have been rolled in the Tommus event, the reward would have been the epic weapon x28, which could have been very useful, how is it possible that i didn’t hit the jackpot not even once?
I’m very disappointed about that, and i don’t think it’s just ‘unluck’.

I once rolled 3 1d20 in less than a dozen rolls in heartcoul deeps plus a 3x prize 3d20 on my 4th roll in an event.

Hello Ludia,

How is it possible that in three rolls with three dice each I received 1) 20,20,6 2) 20,14,2 3)20,5,1

The odds of that are very unlikely to just be chance. My Gf is going to get mad if you keep giving me gifts because it looks like you are hitting on me


It’s very lumpy.

When your rolling 20’s keep going

When your not, stop playing and come back later


It’s called “probability” and not “certainty” for a reason. You feel robbed, and that’s understadable, but numerous threads about this have been posted by people with confirmation bias. While 150 rolls is a substantial number, nothing makes your results anything but random. If 100 other people would post their last 150 results here, the probability would be very close to the actual 5% of rolling a 20.

thanks for your answer, but i keep playing, keep rolling dices, still not having a single 20, this is starting to get hilarius :joy:

Have you tried looking in more than one challenge? Sometimes the same gear is in a different number in a different dungeon. For example right now in the one that costs 350 gold the lute that gives the bard dominate in at number 20 for me. In the dungeon that costs 250 it is at number 14. Granted, the 350 one gives 14 of them where the other one only gives 2, but at least you’d have a different target. It won’t change your odds because getting one specific number is just as likely, or unlikely, as getting any other one, but at least it is a change of pace.

i’m trying, but nothing happens!