Bugged equipment packs from renown


I thought for a while that the equipment packs we get from renown were just junk… I domt know if we could before the patch, but now we can see what we’re supposed to get from them. For the level 12 renown I was supposed to get 2.7k cards and 10k gold, but still got the same junk as always, 150 gold and 50 cards.
I think it’s a big issue… it should be on top of the list and it needs to be retroactive . Fix them for the new comers and make the packs available to claim again to the players who already got them (with the right rewards this time).
This is what I was supposed to get and I got less than what I find in a secret chest.


And this is what i got.


Hey Zasz, our support team is looking into it, but thanks for reporting this to us. If you have any more information, reach out to our team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key including any screenshots you have to assist them.



I hope this is high on the priority list, I think these rewards for renown are one of the largest issues in game right now. it takes months of work to hit level 8-9+, and the reward is actually LESS than the chest in the secret rooms.

As Zasz says, they should also be retroactive. It was a real disappointment for me to hit level 9 renown, and get this as my reward:

Hopefully this can be handled at the next game update.


Oh yeah, I totally hear you. I just got up to level 9 renown and I don’t think I got any rares at all! And same deal, just a handful of cash.


Hi there… This is a major bug… Almost game breaking even at beta… Make u wonder whats the point in grinding…!! Hit lv ten got promise this and this is what I got… A lot of gems went into this… !


Here what I got


Now this happened at lv 9 and before but I let it go but now its to much… This is when I asked for support help at lv 9. Wasent much help… Very miffed!!


Just got to level 9 yesterday and still got bugged reward


Is anyone from the Dev Team reading these? no activity at all on here.


@Bliznit We’re here and our Dev’s are looking into it.


Are you planning on giving the rewards packs again to those who already opened it and got thw wrong rewards?


Another example, reward from level 9, displayed reward vs actual reward, very disappointing.
I truly hope that the players who are beta testing this game for you are looked after when this is fixed.


Good to know that it’s not fixed yet. I’m 150 renown away from level 9.
Is there a fix coming?
I won’t upgrade anything until this patch comes into effect.


@Zasz @Bliznit @Mr.Awesome The preview is the bug. We’re always looking to review the rewards.


That simply CAN’T be true. This is weeks of grinding to get the equivalent of a low level secret room chest?!


Like Mr awesome said!


Like Zasz said, this cannot be the true ammounts.

The reward for opening a 4 hour free card pack is bigger than the reward for achieving level 9.


I’m going to put this out here as well.
An explorer pack quest takes TEN DAYS to open and gives 700 gold and 130 cards.

However, as stated already, reaching level 9 renown takes SIX WEEKS of grinding challenges every single day. The reward is about 1/4 the cards and gold as a simple explorer pack for 4x the time invested.

Please look into this. This simple oversight has been so game-breaking that it doesn’t make sense at all to level up.


“doesn’t make sense to level up” (renown)

Yea seems like it so far. My characters are level 8 and ive opened up frostsilver challenge but my renown level is still only level 3! I’ve kept myself this low so that I don’t unlock any 5th 6th or 7th characters and therefore dilute all my loot drops with useless gear for characters I never plan on playing with.

I have hit a wall (I’m stuck at break the line) because of not being able to upgrade my gear but Im thinking of just waiting until we find out what’s happening with the equipment packs