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Bugged Shellfire spawning every other alpha

I think I may have seen someone else mention this about their clan, and it’s happened to us — our main clan has been stuck for about a week now with Shellfire as the alpha every other day. What’s up with that?

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I think everyone gets the same one, we have it also. It is the most annoying alpha, almost impossible to fight. Something needs to be done. It is too powerful

Hi Dot_Gale. The alpha spawns are random, and it just so happened that your clan keeps getting Shellfire for a week. However, if this persists for a longer period, feel free to reach out to our support team at so they can have a look. Thank you!

Ronald, wouldn’t it be better to disable alphas that have severe bugs, such as Shellfire has at the moment? Or is such a thing not possible?

Shellfire’s current bugs:

  1. When you make a match with the last ballista the backfire doesn’t take place (to avoid this bug you need to make matches next to them instead)
  2. Immune Ballista: when a combination is made with a ballista during a cascade (so not initial combination) the tile becomes immune to defusal.

And today i figured out that Foreverwing also suffers from the same Bug as shellfire.

When you make matches with (or use a special tile that hits) the core tiles then no backfire takes place, you need to make matches next to them instead. :frowning: