Bugged Silverhand quest completion


I started Sharpstone Keep challenge with zero progression on either the “Challenge Boss” and “Challenge Boss Streak” quests, and after completing 5 times there was only progression in the Challenge Boss quest.
I did put the game down a few times while doing other things, but picked right back up in the challenge where I left off when I started playing again.


Hey Gwailo, our team is aware of an issue where you might have to redo the quest objective again if your challenge was interrupted or disconnected, our team is looking for a fix at the moment. However, contact them here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and more details on what happened so our team can gather more information and assist you. It’d be helpful if you included that screenshots in your email as well.


I had this too, and submitted bug report.

If you lose connection, or logout while doing the challenge you don’t get the reward.
you must kill 3 bosses in one outing of the game without logging out/losing connection.

IF you kill 3 in one sitting, you get the reward