Bugged stuns


I just was about to win against a player then he pulled out his Einiasuchus, as soon as he did i switched to my Stegocerotops thinking it’d wreck his Einiasuchus, he hit first without me hitting back due to the Dino change i did (my last Dino was left at 31hp before i switched to stego). He hit me with the crit increasing move knocking me down to a little Bellow 3/4 hp i stunned him with the 75% stun then moved to the one with 2 scratch marks and stunned him again then the one with only 1 scratch mark taking him down to 34 hp. I selected my next move and he finally hit me and it was a stun, "no big deal i still had plenty of hp, except one problem, i was stunned for the next turn to, i just had the option to skip. I hit skip so he hit me and i just switched to my “amargocephalus”, he still only had 34hp so with the Amargocephalus’ counter ability, I figured he’d be dead next time he hit me, the Einiasuchus hit me and stunned me then next turn i get the prompt to skip because i couldn’t move. He got me again and i get stunned again then he hits me again and I died. If the stun hadn’t lasted 2 turns (which I’ve seen before but it didn’t cause me a loss last time i got it) i might have won and if he wasn’t pulling stuns out every turn (i feel something is wrong with the chances) the double turn stun is definitely a big though.