Bugged Troll Fight

I’m currently playing through the campaign and I’ve run into a fight that is either bugged or extremely stupid. In the Whispers section of the campaign just before you get to the Ettin boss, there is a fight against two trolls.

If done it a few times and every time exact same outcome. First round, both trolls have initiative and each summons and one shots one of your heroes. After the first round the trolls damage goes back to normal, but round one results in two dead heroes no matter what you do.

This… Can’t be by design.

The following is the node in question.

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The same thing happens to me mostly. The 2nd fight is a repeat of the first that finishes off all heroes too.

quite often you will run into fights like this, means that you need to either level up some more (heroes and Equipment) or try it over and over. try doing it with a character that has a disarm ability. you’ll have to win initiative then disarm the trolls, then stall the fight a little so you can use disarm again in the next room. there are levels later in the adventure that I tried 20-25 times before I won initiative and scored some crits and/or red dice to win. just wait till you fight Minotaurs and mind flayers, LMAO

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Amen to that!

wait for the double minotaur fight. You’ll punch through your walls man.
I’ve ran that thing so many times just to try to get the initiative.

Like Froman said, run challenges, upgrade your gear and keep on trying to disarm both or at least one so you can pass this :S

I am stuck on that same fight…i have made it to the 2nd room once outta 3 attempts…gonna keep pounding tho and good luck to you as well!! :slight_smile:

HaHa. I remember that. Now I am at the same situation against 3 lvl 13 stone giants. Each one’s first attack hits for 2k and kill somebody… back to the challenge grind…

The stone Giants are brutal, I was stuck there for awhile. I think dominate is what got me through that part