Buggiest battling day ever

Mid-battle timeouts and lockups galore, plus the timer resetting instead of going to the fight AI option, but at least I got one good screenshot out of this! :grin:

I’ve been battling for about 40 minutes this morning. More than half my battles crashed out. I’ve gotten used to all the map problems I have on my iphone6 on Thursday’s (marsupial lions fault) but battles are definately more buggy this morning for me also. I don’t think I’ve ever crashed out this much in the arena.
I had that timer reset thing too. I couldn’t cancel the opponent search, nor battle AI. Neither button would work. I closed app and restarted to find I had actually been matched up and was waiting to select a dino.

Hey Stegodistis, I can see how that can be frustrating as those are not the abilities for Tryko! :sweat:

If this happens again, could you try restarting your game and see if it fixes the issue?

Also, @Dankysaurus, I’m sorry to hear about the crashes you are having, but our team is actively working on the iPhone 6 issues.