Bugs and help


Need help with some bugs that have been happening lately like dinos spawning inside the strike capsules and today the Brachiosaurus strike event i lost and then i spend the 200 cash retry fee but it bug me out of it without letting me retry it can u look it up because i my not be able to try again (this are some of the bugs i have been experiencing)


With regard to the Strike Tower bug:

If the creature’s head or tail is sticking out of the Strike Tower, zoom in as close as you can and then click on that part of the creature. Don’t try to click on the body of the creature—you’ll just trigger the Strike Tower. I’ve used this tactic to dart at least 1 Allosaurus that was sticking out of a Strike Tower, and I’m fairly certain it could’ve worked on your Sinoceratops with the tail sticking so far out of the Tower.

Obviously this doesn’t work for creatures that are completely inside the Strike Tower (i.e. Ankylocodon or other small creature), but it’s something to try until the bug has been resolved.


Hey Miguel_vazquez, I’m sorry about the strike tower blocking the dino you’re trying to collect DNA from, our team is aware of this issue, and they’re looking into it. Also, reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key if you didn’t get another chance to retry the strike challenge after spending the in-game cash.