Bugs and Suggestions on v. 1.2.14


I will complete all in this next days, because only i played few hours.


  • Sometimes the game frozen and crash in his startup on the map fase


– MAP –


  • Sometimes the map dont charge the drops and dinos. Fix: I must change aplication and reopen again to force reload.
  • Sometimes if you go to get a drop, you enter in the cube but dont rotate, its frozen and you can’t open. Fix: If you move again and reopen drop works.
  • On VIP Count, Dards max its 140 of 200, never pass the 140 when the limit is 200


  • Now work faster i see drops and dinos charge at the same time, good job.



  • Only the first time battle was completely frozen for me and my opponent, so the combat did all time the First attack of every dino (bad lose for me)
  • Sometimes in random skills on random dinos appear with a white circle and you can’t tap the skill. (This should be prioritary to fix)


  • No more bots for now.
  • More faster for now.


  • Team fights of 2 vs 2 to defeat 6 (beter if you can add a friend in team)
  • Clans with his own points of ligue (You did something similar)
  • Add a tree evolution of hybrids, sometimes is confuse and tediusly search each dino of the hybrid evlution and wait the time charge of every dino
  • In the rank, make 2 ligues: Nacional and Internacional.
  • On Vip members more gifts or incubator slots, etc.

I will tell you more with the time.

Best regards.



  • On VIP Count, Dards max its 140 of 200, never pass the 140 when the limit is 200
  • Sometimes the game frozen and crash in his startup on the map fase


sometimes there’s this bug during battles (I don’t know if it happens with other dinos too, but I only get it with triceratops). The button for the attack glows like that and can’t be clicked.


Yeah it happens with my Ankylosaurus


Suggestion: Increase the number of supply drops. The update substantially reduced the number of drops to the point where their is no advantage with being a VIP member.


Happens with me using all of my hybrids.


Suggestions: VIP - Increase the amount of coins and darts received from supply drops

  • VIP - Give out one or two rare/epic drops per month.
  • VIP - Increase the number of incubators slots
  • VIP - Increase the activation of incubators from one to two

Bug: Supply drops appear to be invisible. Dinosaurs are popping up where supply drop use to be.


Another bug that I found: It seems I’m unable to zoom in/out dinosaurs in the laboratory. As a result, I can’t get a perfect full view for some of my dinosaurs


That happens to me too, but I don’t know if it’s a bug or it has to be like that


I believe it’s a bug. I still can zoom in/out on hybrids but for normal dinos, I can’t


In rural areas, it is way more difficult to get to supply drops. I have looked at my local area (Small town and surrounding area) and all the supply drops are 1-8 miles from each other. Went over the hill to the city and there was a supply drop every block or half block. Needs to be a little more fair for all (Before the newest update, it was amazing with all the available supply drops everywhere).


I get the attack glitch too…not just one of my Dino’s but a couple of them


Somehow opponent was able to swap dinos, after his dino had just received the inability to swap.


Another bug is the supply drop. It says that it is available but it does nothing.


(was only allowed to upload 1 photo at a time :slight_smile:


I have more than 200 cards of this creature but it tells me insufficient DNA when wanting to create it


I’m getting the glowing button in battles as well on several dinosaurs. Also having issues with battles in general today.![Screenshot_20180521-124734_JW%20Alive|243x500](upload://qrrpfy2P32gJudN9pT03InYwZGA.jpg
Where it will disconnect then if I restart the entire app I come back to half dead dinosaurs, or it says it waiting for the other player then times out and the game is locked I close and reopen the app and I LL OST the match.


Help guys, for me, on android, there is a glitch always in battles in which vera shortly after I press the bătălie button an error message apeares that says that the match has been timedout (for some reason…) If you have any suggestions please respond, or at least share this with ludia


What I’d like to see are ways to track where you’ve been and to leave your mark.

For example, a map showing the locations where you’ve collected different DNAs, and the ability to tag (or battle for and conquer) supply drops or other landmarks.


One issue or glitch that I have noticed is the supply drops are not actually providing the prizes shown on the box a majority of the time. For instance today I received several spins of 10 darts and 5 darts, which isn’t listed as a prize at all. Additionally, not a single spin in the past 3 days of tracking this provided any cash reward even though there is one non-VIP prize being listed as having it. I realize that non-VIP prizes with cash should be a rarity, but not an impossibility.