Bugs and Suggestions on v. 1.2.16


This has happened to me twice already today. The shadow dino appears and the game crashes when I click on it. After restarting, the dino is not there any more.


Thanks for reporting this! I’ll pass along this info to the team. It would also be really helpful for the team to have a bit more detailed information. Could you please contact support with your game Support Key via the in-game FAQ or support+forums@ludia.com? This will help narrow down the cause of this.


It crawled out of the La Brea Tar pit


This happens every battle: the “faster indicator” on my roster says every creature is faster than my opponent’s, when that isn’t true for all of them. In this example I know the secodontosaurus was definitely slower, maybe even my proceratosaurus was slower too. The only way I can tell is by examining my opponent’s stats, and then each of my own (if I don’t already know they’re speed).


Yeah I get this too, it said my T-Rex was faster than a velociraptor :joy:


Another bug - pressing on the dinos in the lab more than 3 or 4 times makes the app crash. Dunno if it’s my phone or the app. It happened a few updates ago but then stopped but happening again in this update.


Keep getting a bug where my opponents are able to swap out when they shouldn’t be able to. Lost a few battles just because of this. Very frustrating.