Bugs... bugs everywhere

Isn’t 1.13 the most bugged update since 1.7 ? It added a lot of new bugs while old ones are still here. Ludia, squish them in 1.14, please


I don’t have any problems exept for strike events so… maby it is your device?

Nope, many people complain about them. For example: darting ending too early, empty map which forces you to reload the game or end turn bug which is connected to stuns

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I think that new update fixed darting for everyone. It did for me at least. I can dart for the full time now, it doesn’t end early like before. It’s still not much of an excuse as to why it was in the new update. I guess introduce some new features, and break some others is how this game works.

What about the supply drops and dinos you tap on them it takes you back to the map without you backing out yourself?

Or spinning a supply drop and not getting anything the dart a dino and get darts and coins then your dna?

Or spinning numerous supply drops and nothing come out and then get 10 items to tap through after spinning the next?

What about it telling you that your incubator is ready to collect and once you open the notification it’s not ready and has time left and if you relaunch it will speed the time up and actually be ready?

What about the request/donate that shows a green collect bar on someone else’s dna request and it won’t let you donate to them because it says you don’t have enough dna when you have plenty?

What about “cannot connect to chat channel”

What about the 400 bugs the fixed this update and the 300 something others in the other update in the past. If they fix 400 updates they’ve given 4000 more.

Ludia sucks and support suck. I’ve never seen such incompetence in a company.


Usually when you don’t get the DNA or Stuff from supply drops and dinos you get them when you dart another dino or spin a supply drop.

I know that’s what I said above.