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[Bugs] Current bugs in V. 1.14.7

Playing games, sometimes bugs happens and for ones in the years i have played i actually have a few bugs that are somewhat annoying.

I Currently play the game on up to 3 different devices

  • My Lenovo Android Phone
  • My Lenovo Android Tablet
  • Via Blue stacks android emulator

Bug 1:
Collecting parts of the 25-piece egg during events (e.g Snoggletog Feast) are stored per device. Swapping device and then collecting, resets progress back to zero on all other devices.

Bug 2:
Collecting resources via the new ‘Gather All Statue’ over-collects resources, as it ignores maximum capacity in storage. I would commonly lose 500-1000 million Fish or Wood, if i do not collect a bit manually, use it and then use the statue.

Bug 3:
Collecting resources via the new ‘Gather All Statue’ sometimes bugs out the displayed amount of resources freezing it on seemingly random numbers, even numbers above the storage cap. This i only a graphical issue, that does go away by reloading the game, but is quite annoying. Could possibly have something to do with collecting large quantities of resources (1000 Million+).