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Bugs freezing game


The bugs since the update freeze the game. Achievements such as defeat 65 enemies continues to RESET to 60/65 when trying to claim the quest.


Hey Brian_Parago, our team is looking into the issue at the moment to try and find a fix. Once there is more information, we’ll be sure to try and let everyone know.


I take it you mean completing the quests and trying to claim the rewards is what’s freezing your game? Think it has to do with the other thread of quest progress resetting.


Yeah…Lareal’s quests seem messed way bad.

The new VIP pass update makes me wish I waited a month. Buggers.


Thanks Ned. I need to use my eyes first lol.


You aren’t wrong about maybe delaying it, but hey look on the bright side! more gold when you finish certain areas of the game. Later on down the line rewards increase drastically. Suppose it depends on how long you play for right?