Bugs galore and now Epic scent disappeared

I do like this game BUT experiencing +++ BUGS.

  1. Had 50,000 coin disappear several weeks ago
  • no resolution
  1. Constantly having to reconnect when not at home connected to Wifi - is annoying
  2. GPS is often way off - fustrating at times
  3. Just activated my first epic scent that just disappeared - ticked off as was excited to see what it will attract

I’m sorry you’re having these issues @moreta. If you’re having these problems when you’re connected to your mobile network, it’s possible that your device’s network is not strong or stable enough. However, there are some troubleshooting steps on our FAQ here that could help: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?s=troubleshooting
As for your Epic Scent Capsule, our team would be happy to assist you if you emailed them here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.

With all do respect @Ned, but not every issue can be redirected to the users mobile connection, especially when Ă©very other app works smoothly.

Disappearing items cant even be caused by bad connection, since you can activite/spend when disconnected…

I personally would believe it to be an improvement if some things would simply be acknowledged and communicated about with the planned course of action (strike event stuns+invincibility for example) in stead of 99% being unstable connection on the users end.

edit: the communication on strike events + treasure chases is appreciated!

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I understand your concerns @afbakappeltaart. Scent Capsules disappearing after they’re activated is really strange, and our team would have to take a closer look once they can gather more information. If this happened to you, could you email our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com to assist them in the investigation? I also have some reports from players saying that force closing the game and then relaunching immediately would make the Scent Capsule reappear. Could you let our team know if that works as well?

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Ned is evading the question. The question was regarding the blame being put on players 99% of the time for their connection, when it’s obviously NOT the connection at fault. @afbakappeltaart wasn’t even referring to the epic scent capsules’ disappearance, except as an example in this case. This shows a total lack of attention, and/or total apathy in wanting to solve an issue.

It’s cut-and-paste responses like these that really lower my confidence in Ludia.

Thanks afbakappeltaart for discussing connection issues. Thought about mentioning that myself but decided not worth the effort. I play Pokemon go and Jurassic alive together when out and about and have never experienced gps issues and very very seldom connection issues with Pokemon. Was going to suggest they talk to the programmers of that game for some pointers LOL but guess I’m doing so now if they read this :grin:

I’m getting fed up with the worsening battle bug “connection issues” which occur when I’m on my home wifi. I think the connection issues are their servers not up to the load.

The below was the latest start of battle bug