Bugs in Battle options


There have been a number of times while in a battle the screen has not allowed me to choose an option of attack or defense although I was prompted for one.
I have tried to swap dinosaurs without success.
It appears from the screen the opponent is having the same problem… there was an instrance when the screen showed my opponent as “thinking” for over three mins.
Believing the game had simply frozen I closed the app & reopened it to recieve the message that I’d lost the battle.
Why is a player penalised because it appears that the “connection” has been broken or screen has frozen?
Also today I opened the app collected a battle incubator then clicked to begin to battle, chose a dinosaur then immediately was instructed to choose another.
On the screen I found mine was killed, my opponents dinosaur’s health showed a drop without me being able to take part in the battle at all.

There does appear to be a bug in the Battle part of the game… could you please reslove this issue?


Hey Dazzsaurus, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having these issues, and it sounds like an unstable internet connection is causing them. Trying some of the steps listed on this thread should help in preventing this: Lost a battle I was winning
If you are still having issues, reach out to our support team, and they might be able to provide further troubleshooting. Our team can be reached at support+forums@ludia.com, make sure to include your support key in your email as well.


Hi Ned, if this had happened when I was using a “free wifi” facility or somewhere the bandwidth was being used by others I’d agree that what you describe could be the problem.

But each time this has occurred I was at home sat only around 3 feet away from my router.

On top of this I was the only person using Wifi at that moment