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Bugs in Hugo's Route (spoilers) and Feedback on Jonathan

Hello :slight_smile: Firstly I’d like to say that I am very much enjoying this game, I got it about three or four days ago and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Hugo and Antoine. I just got caught up to Hugo’s route and was told that he’s Offline for a while, and I wanted to report some bugs I found in this route. I had no issues with his route until now, so basically the end.

The first problem was that Hugo sent me a photo that didn’t match the conversation (someone who had Marco also stated this problem with the same part of the chat with the same picture in another thread). Hugo and I were talking about the last time Sally gave him butterflies, and he sent me a picture to show me when. I was expecting a picture of him and Sally, but instead I received a photo of him making pottery – which he had sent to me before already. Not only that, I still had to purchase this photo with my diamonds, so I had to spend 300 diamonds on a picture I already had. Below is the attached photo and conversation:

The second problem I found happened directly after. Hugo went to talk to Taylor about me and Sally, and he came back saying that he was going to talk to Sally and get everything out in the open. My character told him to text back immediately once he’s done, given this is a very tense and suspenseful moment. Hugo agrees and disappears. Then not long after I get a notification of him messaging me saying ‘Hey!’ I open the chat and instead of talking about Sally, Hugo starts talking about gardening at the school he works at and we continue to have a conversation as if the previous chat about Sally never happened. This leads me to believe that this conversation wasn’t supposed to be here, because there is no continuity.

Also…I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get my 300 diamonds back that I spent on the pottery photo since that was a bug and I already bought that photo before?

I also have feedback for Jonathan. I am an actual Army Brat lol so some stuff really stood out to me, most of it isn’t really important (like visibly wearing dog tags in civilian clothes while stateside – I’ve always been taught you’re not supposed to do that), but the one thing that was glaring to me was Jonathan’s rank. When you first meet Jonathan he states that he is in the Army, and the main character repeatedly calls him Soldier. However when Jonathan gets his promotion and I asked what it was, he says that he was promoted to Chief Petty Officer. Chief Petty Officer is not an Army rank, it is a rank in the US Navy and US Coast Guard. The Army equivalent of a CPO would be Sergeant First Class (SFO).

I attached this link so you can see all the ranks listed out side by side under their branches:

I thought maybe I should mention this because it was a glaring mistake :x But that’s all the bugs and feedback I have for now! I really like this game and I can’t wait for their chapters to be updated! Thank you :slight_smile:

I was just discussing this in another thread, but basically (and this is a stretch of an explanation) since most characters’s photos don’t ever/typically feature a second character in them he could’ve been saying that doing pottery then was the last time he felt excited. Though I agree both with you and the other person who was also confused by the same thing that it would’ve made more sense, from what I’ve seen of the story, that a photo of Marco/Hugo with Sally would’ve been more logical.

I don’t know why he’d send the same photo twice, which is also what happens in Marco’s storyline (he and Hugo share the same storyline, so they’re counterparts to one another). That may have been an oversight of the dev team.