Bugs in the story and the field with stones

I’ve been playing this great game for a year now . and as soon as I passed 221 quest games … I realized one of the most important things: there are a LOT of BUGS … and then I begin to understand that I was so eager to get all the gold cards for nothing … not to mention that not once in a year I did not get a 5* dragon … but not the problem.I encountered bugs . as a learning arrow … everything would be fine if it didn’t block your access to the stones … as it was once in the arena … I was fighting a bot and the dragon blocked my dragons for me … and as for evil, all the stones were also inaccessible except for one row at the bottom … And that ARROW DIDN’t LET me do anything…I fell into the trap of this training …

then I was given advice by a friend that the game’s plot also passed … get fish and eggs from the quest . okay, I decided to do it … but as luck would have it, I found another bug?? I made a video about it … that would not explain much … but briefly . I don’t get any fish, eggs, gold, or experience

and I’m not saying you have to wait 24 hours to get a new alpha … for the silver card??.. you can’t just make a story circle . infinite. this is better than waiting 24 hours for 4 tasks and 1 silver card … and having bugs …
I really love this game and play it even when only expensive developers gave gifts for what you started playing . ( Golden dragon card ) and when I always dreamed of becoming a good player get strong dragons . and my dream has almost come true … it’s a pity bugs often spoil everything… also, I’m not talking about a bug that often bothers me … this is a bug where you can’t move stones … I don’t know who had this bug… I meet this bug always . very often. it is everywhere and the plot and quests and arena … you can’t move stones , you can’t tap your dragon … the game is dying and you can’t click anything other than exit … this is very frustrating .
and you can’t prove anything except the video . after all, nothing happens, it’s like looking at a picture . there is not even a hint ( click on these stones to attack ), they also do not exist . the stones seemed frozen in time . this often happens because someone hit me or because the combo is stuck . I don’t know exactly what this bug is about . but it wasn’t in the game before . I’ve always been proud of my powerful phone . I don’t have any bugs … and as soon as I said that, I met bugs … I am in love with the game developers . they will always help and support us . I understand that always have bugs in all games and how hard it is to work . and just tell you that I found these bugs . my goal has always been not to ask for something for free , but only to show that I found this bug and ask you to fix it so that no one else is affected, too . thank you for your attention .

I also apologize if there are errors somewhere .I don’t know English very well .

And again this bug . nothing moves . Screenshot_20200206_182404 Screenshot_20200206_182330

Hey SooKill, I’m sorry that you’re having these issues with the game. Could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and device information so our team can take a closer look at this for you?


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