Bugs not fixed, Ludia cheats us


All trophies are gone and I’m at -22!!!

Park events for dinos also shirt change by at least 1 chance!!! I’ve already sent in emails about it but get the auto reply about a large number of complaint influx… are we sure this isn’t beta??? Seems like they can’t get their game in order to work! I don’t know how many reports I’ve sent about location issues too and they haven’t been fixed either… I guess it’s just the philosophy of give us your money so we can continue to give you a crappy game


this bug is brand new, give them more than 30 minutes to fix it


And all the other bugs that haven’t been fixed?!? Sorry patience wore out when they short changed me on tries for the Dino of the day in 3 different events…


Sometimes those bugs are just connection issues. The screenshot you showed is what I saw earlier today too. I quit and reloaded the game and it was fine again. Relax.

Also, I seriously doubt you got shortchanged on attempts on the dino of the day. You probably just didn’t realize that it was for more than one species and used your attempts on another animal. Or maybe you weren’t paying attention all together.


No… 9 attempts for 2 species… 4 for each and I was going to use the last one on the Dino I was closest to unlocking but when I found it, it said 9 out of 9… second time was the same 9 out of 9 for 2 dinos and the third was the blue event I used 5 out of 6 and then when I found her again it said 6 out of 6. I know how to count to 6 at the very least… please try not to be patronizing I’m not some 12 year old ‘making mistakes’ or ‘not paying attention’ :wink: