Bugs on the increase

I’m finding even the known bugs that used to occur occasionally are happening more often these days.

Others have been outstanding for several releases. I think Ludia’s next big patch should exclusively bug fixes, no more introducing more content with new bugs and making existing ones worse.

Excluding the debatablely streaky rng, the bugs I’m having issues with are below. I almost always battle on my home wifi, having restarted game if I’ve just switched connection, and even then the bugs are occurring more often.

  • Waiting for opponent count down even though battle started
  • battle starts but opponent isn't visible
  • during battle selected opponent doesn't show
  • shield graphic persists beyond effect after 50% and 100% have been stacked (and not just the broken looking one that lets you know it has expired)
  • speed indicator
  • damage preview
  • opponent continuing to fight on 0 health
  • skill list not showing up to let you select a skill
  • strike events sticking on immediate 0 timer after selecting first action of the battle, requiring game restart, significantly increasing the time to complete even the easy strikes
  • during strike after picking skill, timer counts down then skill list pops up but without skill selected, requiring restart
  • Waiting needing restart

    Opponent not visible - start of battle

    Opponent not visible - during battle

    Opponent fighting on 0 health

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    My buttons go missing in a battle but I attribute that to lousy data connection. Twice today I lost my selection buttons in a battle. Lost both times. However when my connectivity picks up, the buttons are never missing.

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    Same here. I usually battle at on WiFi and have very few issues. 90% of what the OP describes is exactly what happens when I try to battle with lousy connectivity

    That’s odd, cos while I don’t monitor the quality of my wifi, I don’t have issues with it when streaming music/radio or playing other games.

    I agree the next update should be bug fixes only and no new content since it is winter and playing has cut down for all us norther hemisphere people.

    After doing a lot of battles on my Ipad I start having issues where the game starts and my timer is still counting. The buttons don’t show, dino level and damage doesn’t show. Dino’s don’t show. I think this game uses up all the memory so once I kill and reload the game it works better again.

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    Those things can stream in a more steady rate. A game like this relies on a connection being made as choices are made. It cannot really get data in advance of that.

    Every update adds bugs but they don’t fix them. It’s always the same old we are aware and our developers are working on them. Apparently they can create an entire new version in two months but can’t fix any of the bugs.

    Dracorex Gen 2 also has a one turn swap instead of two turn like other dinosaurs with swap in effects. Is this a bug? Who knows.

    Of the OP’s issues I only have the speed indicator and the damage preview. The others I have not (not to my recollection anyway) had in 1.5 and even before. Battles function just fine for me.

    Moto G5 Plus, Android 7.0, Verizon or WiFi at home.

    I do occasionally loose buttons and sometimes the health of both dinosaurs fails to show correctly but I don’t encounter the other issues listed.

    Does network issues affect rng too as I’m getting fed up of massively skewed rng.

    In my last 15 fights I’ve faced 3 trags that have back to back critted while my gorgo only crits if the base attack would kill (although that does make his crit rate around 20%), have success rate for my 75% stun moves for my dinos of just over 10%, have had opponent’s dodge 80% of my attacks vs under 30% of my dodges working.