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Bugs overview

Hi guys, just putting this out here. Hope the devs can do something with it, but I guess they are swamped with other things right now. I expected more topics like this, but people are too angry with complaints about boosts and the map :slight_smile: Here is some somewhat lighthearted bugs:

New bugs:

  • When donating, the button bar on the bottom keeps sliding down and up. No biggie.
  • The chat connection is even worse now, I have a spinner all the time and it shows posts from a day old before the new ones. Things aren’t sorted properly like before and donations are missing. Tons of game restarts are required. This is not a new thing, just worse, but really time to fix this. (My guess is you’re waiting for your alliance tools to be ready, and the “back end”, and this gets fixed there too)
  • Are dinos supposed to keep wiggling their tail or breathe when they are defeated and lying on the ground?
  • Sometimes I can’t activate an incubator. When I tap activate it goes back to the battle screen, but it’s not activated. A game or device restart didn’t work for me, but when I keep trying tons of times, at some point it works.
  • There was some dino shadow glitches, no biggie.
  • The campaign mode is now suddenly a lot harder, because boosts are not at the same level anymore. It’s a matter of (lots of) time to catch up, but I think you should know.
  • The map. For me it’s an improvement, and I’ve driven around the whole city and nothing seems worse than before. Strangely enough for a huge number of players there seems to be a huge drop of sometimes over 50%. Something with the algorithm didn’t work as intended I believe.
  • After completing actions on dino in a sanctuary, when I leave that sanctuary it returns me to chat not the list of sanctuaries. (Thanks Lannyjones7277)

Existing bugs:

  • Sometimes after you dart or so, the sanctuaries on the map all vanished. They usually come back after a battle or darting session, or of course a game restart.
  • On my device when I tab back into the game, I get a connection spinner sometimes for about 30 seconds until a reconnect button shows up. Wen i tap that it works, but it should realize a bit sooner that I do have a connection. This was not a problem on a Galaxy A5 but it is on an A50, so might have something to do with Android versions. I know I have a proper connection because when traveling to new areas, in the background Google downloads and renders the new locations. Dutch 4G is also really stable. But this happens on WiFi too.
  • On my device when I tab back into the game after a couple of times, the resolution seems a bit off. It’s like it i scaled up from something lower. You can see it clearly on the fonts and round lines, but also when darting the crosshair moves around a lot slower. I think this might be the same as people addressing the changing in dart speed a couple of weeks back.
  • When you get a popup from an offer, or a “I’m a passenger”, while there is already another screen, you cannot tap the X as it only responds to the layer under it or something. On iPhone you’re then stuck, on Android you can use the back button to close the invisible one. This is kinda annoying.
  • I believe double headed dinos are still a thing, when new weekly event dinos spawn or when you’re in a sanctuary.
  • Chat never scrolls all the way down, there’s usually one more donation or chat line to scroll down to.
  • Chat filter filters the most friendly of texts. When split up into chunks, it does get through. Weird stuff.
  • After opening a social media link with a cash bonus, the UI is unresponsive after accepting the cash. I can look around but not press anything.
  • Scents in parks do not attract park dinos.

Other things:

  • I haven’t battled enough to see if you still get real players when you click the Fight AI button, or that the button sometimes doesn’t work at all. Seeing this wasn’t mentioned in the bug fixes, it might still be there. However, the “who donated” wasn’t mentioned either, and this is fixed.
  • Love the new blood effects! People who don’t like it: Switch it off. Kids? Kids under 12 aren’t supposed to play this anyway, but they love blood. My 5 year old does :slight_smile:
  • DrNizam (@NeoDejavu) is ahead almost 500 points over the number 2, MypNN. What!? How!?

Anyway, keep up the good work, but please take a look at the bugs that have been dreading users for many updates now. This is more important than map changes.


I tried for over 10min and absolutely cannot activate any incubators (3h and 8h ones), no matter what I do (restarting app and mobile device doesn’t work), though it worked a few hours ago (this was after he update)

Yesterday it didn’t work for me for maybe 20 minutes of trying and then it did. Today again, took maybe 5 min. It could be a server problem, and I’m guessing all the video requests of people speeding it up makes it a bit unresponsive or so :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if having recently watched a video has any effect on this, but we get no diagnostics info so the error is unknown.
Ludia, if there’s smoke coming out of one of your servers, you might wanna look into that.

uh? sorry have to answer this since you tagging my name there on that last part😂… lol

Anyway @Tielenaar :-

  1. That 7000+ trophies i have there in leaderboard now, not new. its a continuation of our recent old boost trophies & its alredy static now. and also not new achievement to me, as ive even reach 7000+ also on last miragaia season.

  2. the trophies are not boost 2.0 related

  3. ive no secret for that. my only recipe is just boost efficiency and i think in recent old boost history, im the only jwa player with the least boost wasted on bench i think​:thinking:… where only 4x unit of boost in my bench and the rest are all in my team. with all the boost i manage to create many T8 monsters as above, which are now just become memories​:sob::sob::sob:

  4. Welcome to new 2.0 boost!! good news to many, but i have to confess huge sad news for me… i really miss all my aliens​:sob::sob:… ive create a thick fortress 7000 trophies there in the leaderboard… but im sure any and many of you can overtake that anytime soon as the new boost alredy start… as for me?? dont worry, i wont go further anymore as all my dinos now unboost and i still dont know and still on research for my 8x best dinos for new team. maybe will just observe till season end.

  5. sorry also because im not popular as some players

…finally, enjoy the arena and all the best to all!:tada::smiley:
may the new 2.0 force be wih all of you


Thanks for responding :slight_smile:
I know you got that before 2.0 though, but I still found that huge difference mention worthy!
I’m sure you will miss your monsters, as would many people. But luckily you won’t run into beasts like that a lot either. I’m curious to know how you are holding up in the days/weeks to come. Did you ever lose a match? :slight_smile:
You might actually have a hard time because all other players will get their benched boosts back, more than yours.
Good luck!

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After completing actions on dino in a sanctuary when I leave that sanctuary it returns me to chat not the list of sanctuaries


Yes, confirmed this. Thanks! Will add it to the list.

good question there on “how am i holding for the days/weeks to come”. i think this is the part i have advantage now compare with others. at my position now, i meet AI 99% everytime. so difficut to find human. so what i do daily now is grinding open all my battle incub with AI. at anytime if i meet human then, i might be lose as im still nonboost. even if happen, i dont care anyway, as im alredy focus preparing for next season & alredy left with whatever my current highest point. look like our new boost system is really tricky and need precise strategy…

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Not a bug, but unless I did the math wrong, they took away 16 strike event battles this week by making them all 1. Now 16 x 50 is 800 battles. In a week where the arena is getting blown up and friendlies are worse than ever now, this is costing most alliances upwards of 1k battles this week. That’s a lot for those that struggle to get to 3 or 4. Not to mention I was looking forward to using those strike events to get to know my team better. In my opinion, and I’m normally not big on ludia owning us anything, this is a problem they created for no reason at all.

Either give us back those 16x strikes, fix friendlies, or give everyone a +1 on def. Frustration over.

Yeah, not to mention the 3 hours missed during maintenance where people couldn’t battle or dart or anything, but it’s not the worst. Getting one tier lower by the end of the week is a rather small difference and will cost you only 100 epic dna. If you need that to begin with.
Bug will “fix” itself automatically on Monday :slight_smile:

Yeah I can agree on that except this weeks DNA is actually pretty good. We normally get rank 4 def sunday night to last thing monday. We are about 200 battles behind now, which is to be expected. But over half the alliance on when I’m on cant friendly at all, and the 500 extra battles we could normally count on for this weekend are gone. So now the only way to make up those 700 battles is arena. And with the mess it is I cant blame them for only getting their dbi and bailing

Hope you’re talking about Bary gen 2 DNA because who on earth would care about Bary the Epic? :slight_smile:

Lol yeah the bary g2

Thank you for putting this together, Tielenaar. Appreciate it. :smiley:

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Here’s another list of bugs that were not mentioned:

1) Icon for the Daily Missions/Alliance Missions/Achievements does not respond to touch.
I went from the map screen to Market, Collection, Battle, and Social screens and still could not get the button to work. Pressed a suitcase out on the map, cashed it in, and then the Icon worked again.

2) If you enter a shared sanctuary through the Shared Sanctuary screen, pressing the red X returns you to the Map screen rather than back to the Shared Sanctuaries screen.
This was fixed in V1.9 but appears to have been broken again in 1.10.

3) Pressing the BATTLE button on the Battle screen results in strange red text (iPhone app) that says “Current Bracet”, “DEFAULT”, “Min”, “Current”, “Max” and the number 1000 three times for each category.
This appears to be debug code that was left in. (Also, I’m sure someone has mentioned that all the text is left-justified. (Looks terribly unprofessional. Doesn’t anyone beta-test before the app gets published? This is so obvious.)

4) The COLLECT circle that pops up over the Market Icon does so randomly and does NOT tell us when our Free Incubator is done.
This was broken in V1.09 as well, but the icon said “Special Offer”. I like the smaller icon, but it still doesn’t work properly. I preferred the red circle we used to have which matches the look and feel of the rest of the lower icons (Red = Attention Required). If you wanted to have a “Special Offer” icon, that’s fine… but only let it come up once on power-up and once it is cleared, then don’t show it again until the game is rebooted.

5) Quite often when you enter the Social screen, all the donation requests are hidden from view and you only see the chat messages.
Rebooting will sometimes take care of this issue, but not reliably.

6) On the Market screen, there is an unlabeled button for a level 20 incubator that says FREE. When I touch it I get a screen stating that the product is unavailable. When I exit that screen, it says "JOIN NOW"
I assume this is the VIP icon, but I am already a VIP and have been for months. If I am VIP, then this icon should not appear.

7) Trykosaurus has a gameplay issue. If the Tryko is faster than the opponent, but the slower opponent successfully stuns the Tryko, then the Tryko misses that turn. If the Tryko did NOT have a priority move selected, then it remains stunned on the next turn as well.
This has been broken for as long as I have had my Tryko. I can’t believe nobody else is reporting this.

Since you listened to my griping, here’s a list of things that the devs did right.
1) [Hearsay] We can once again see who donated DNA to us before we collect.

2) The new map has moved around Strike Towers, Sanctuaries, Spawn Points (I will call them Objects) and that has angered many players. HOWEVER, I have noticed that the response time upon entering a new location is remarkably faster than with the old map.
The old map had a huge latency issue and you could have all objects disappear for minutes at a time. Sometimes, the cache would get full and you wouldn’t see any objects unless you uninstalled (iPhone) or cleared cache and game data (Android). On the way home from work today, I saw the objects keeping up to me at 80 mph (129 kph). This is a huge increase in performance. I am hopeful that the faster response means less orphaned data in the cache and no more need to re-install… but we will see in a week or so.

3) Boost Revaluation
Surgery hurts, but sometimes it is needed to save the life of the patient. While I despise the lack of transparency in your formula decisions and REALLY despise the sale of boosts 24 hours before announcing the bonus “conversion rate”, I still support the change and am experiencing better PvP matches. It isn’t a one-shot fiesta any more. Strategy has returned (a bit anyways). I approve.

4) Bloody Mess
Thanks for allowing the capability of turning this off. If I want that kind of graphic violence I could watch television.

5) Sanctuary Timeouts
Thanks for making it easier to keep sanctuaries shared. With the poor chat tools in-game, managing these and keeping them shared was a chore.

With each caress, allow me to offer a slap.
1) No Alliance Management Tools.
The social aspect of ANY game is the heartbeat. Without a community of players who can develop relationships, you don’t have a player base… you have players. This should have been the number one priority for the last four patches. Why you don’t try to strengthen the sense of community is beyond me. The chat server as a whole is terrible. Tiny text, no channels, no stickied posts, and the insta-scroll when you try to creep up and down is hardly worth offering at all. You can do better.

2) Visual Acuity
Some of us players are older. My eyesight is not very good, especially when the cellphone screens are small. Lately, I’ve noticed that the contrasts are getting lower between map and dinosaurs.

  • I can’t even see a Velociraptor on this dark new map. My wife has to tell me it is there.
  • The center reticule on the dart targeting circle is dark blue on a dark blue background. You force me to guess.
  • The supply depots have cluttered junk around their base which hide the dinosaurs lurking underneath them. It is hard enough to find dinosaurs without you guys masking them.

Do you think you could offer an option for those of us with bad eyesight to have a white reticule, hide the junk, or have a high contrast map like you had back in April of 2019? Things seemed to be much easier to see back then.

3) Lack of Testing before Release
This is one of the biggest mistakes I think your company makes. When you break as many things as you fix each time, it makes people second-guess if your game is worth putting money into. I had a friend who played and quit. His thought was that you were a fly-by-night organization. He based that on the bugs he found when patch 1.9 came out.

4) Choice of new features
You try to add too many splashy new graphics and add too few new features. Was splashing blood on the screen REALLY more important than alliance tools like “last time logged in”? Who ever decides what is on the list of “next features” needs to get their kids to play the game. Then, they’ll hear about what the game really needs at home.

Hope this was helpful. As far as cred, I’ve been a programmer for over 30 years and was a beta-tester for a number of major releases. @Ned: Please see that this list gets into the hands of someone who can do something with it.


Here is the main thing. How about pushing 1.11 update to 1.12 and making 1.11 fix what we have? Take the next month to work on bug fixes and enhancements like alliance tools, etc. You can change it from Halloween to Christmas. Then after the new year hit us with 1.12 which would have been 1.11

I second this. We need a bug-fix release. There are so many bugs that need to be fixed.

I can add some more:

1) Dracoceratops swap out bug still exists - after playing two turns, sometimes the little rat cannot escape; the “no swap” indicator is gone under the dino but the interface indicator is still there so you cannot swap.
2) Loading 17/24 bug still exists - it happened to me the other day - the game loads to “17/24 Collecting extraction darts” and gets stuck there. It sorts itself out in a couple of hours.
3) New Watch functionality for incubators - sometimes it fails to load the video properly, there is no timer on the video and a close button is displayed shortly. After you close the video, Watch is bugged and you can’t watch another for some time.
4) Potentially bugged Halloween scent - not sure if that is intentional but the new scent has <1% chance for Kelenken, a pretty useless for now rare creature? Hmm.
5) Ferocious impact IGNORES 90% disctraction - I’ve seen this on Sarcorixis a couple of times already and based on the skill description, something is wrong here. The attack is supposed to do 1.5x damage and increase damage for 50% for 3 turns. Instant distractions however, should reduce incoming damage by 90%. However, the distracted creatures hits with A LOT more than 10% of its damage in this scenario. My guess is the 90% reduction is not applied on the increased damage value, but gets mixed in somewhere - most likely +50% dmg -90% dmg = -40% 1.5x attack. That being said, from the skill description it is unclear if +50% is applied to a 1.5x attack or to a 1x attack and the next 2 turns. This should be looked into.

  1. Low priority. Draco is a bug himself.
  2. I believe it’s 17/26 now :wink:
  3. :+1:
  4. Maybe 10% is better.
  5. I think this is working like it should. The buffs and debuffs get subtracted from eachother.
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Wasn’t Thylacotator’s health supposed to be nerfed? I’m pretty sure it’s still the same.