Bugs reported but zero response fom Ludia


Hi, normally I don’t do this via a forum, but I don’t have an other option right now.

I logged several issues, but i’m getting zero response.

Logged issues:

  • Wrong or no dinosaurs at the green boxes
  • Fighting against people that are in other arena’s. I’m in sorna marshes but fighting against people in jurassic ruins
  • Spawnrates of dinosaurs in my area. Walking and Cycling around for hours a day, but besides the green boxes the number of useful dinosaur encounters is extremely low. Can be solved by putting in incubators that hatch based on KM walked
  • Not receiving the minimum guaranteed DNA from incubators
  • There are arena dinosaurs but almost never receiving the DNA
  • The difference between players that had early access and players that had access on a later date in the app store. If its just about collecting dinosaurs then that is no problem, but since there is a huge PVP element in the game, it gives players an unfair advantage. I have the game since it came out in my app store, but i’m always in a disadvantage against players that had the game earlier.

Hopefully I will get a response here.


Looks to me that you are talking about things you dislike, not bugs… I’m not going to answer all your points, just a few of them:

  • wrong or no dino’s at event stops: with the current event, you can get 4 random different randomly spawning rare dino’s, there’s no guarantee that dino x or y will show up. There’s even a chance nothing is there, untill the respawn shows up.

-Fighting in Sorna marshes: you fight people with a certain score, up to 4500 they “belong” in Sorna. Only if you would be fighting people of a score of 4500+ there could be a bug

For the other points, it’s a matter of luck, nothing to do with “bugs”. Btw if you want incubators to “hatch” by walking you should switch to Pokemon Go…

Your last point: the game was pre-released in Canada; it’s only logical that those players have an “advantage” and has nothing to do with being “unfair”.


Your correct not everything is a “Bug” but when you go around for hours and find nothing while other players encounter numerous great dinosaurs then I must be very unlucky since I play this game since release. Thats why a reward for distances covered would be nice, because most of the time I come up empty handed.

Regarding the green boxes, last week Delta was displayed instead of Echo and 2 weeks earlier no Megalosaurus was shown until the last hours of the 3 day period.

People go to Jurassic Ruins when they hit the 4k trophies, so when they still can fight in Sorna Marshes it sounds like a bug to me.

But the biggest frustration is that I get no response what so ever. Apparently it’s okay that I spend money on the game, but when I reach out to them, nobody’s home.


I much prefer timed incubators to hatching eggs by distance like with pogo. Their system was so glitchy at first and took a long time to get anywhere near decent. Anything more than a leisurly stroll would read as too fast and would reset your distance since the last sync. It was also an excellent way for spoofers to get high quality pokemon as many had auto walk programs doing the work for them. I could see all those issues plaguing JWA in the same manner.


The distance incubator shoudn’t replace the time incubator, but co-excist. When you don’t find any good dinosaurs you still have some reward. I thought they removed all the spoofers?


in the mean time 2,5 weeks have passed en zero answer. Only getting the reply that there is a great influx in tickets. That is a message from 2,5 months ago!


Hey kleineman84, I’m sorry that you hadn’t heard back from our support team yet, however, if you had sent in another email before they had a chance to reply, it might have reset your position in their queue. Our team has been working hard to get to everyone who needs help, and they’ll try their best to get back to you soon.


Hi, thanks for the reply, but why does my previous ticket get reset when I encounter a different bug?


it doesn’t, they just say that so they hopefully don’t get a ton of follow up e-mails as well as the original e-mails


In my case thats to late :wink: