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Bugs since the update

from then the update 50, only bugs! purple lights for the eremotherium and for the megatherium, no sound for the aquatic ones, all rigged mod! missions without any sense, the only good thing of this update is (juggernaut)

cenozoic bug.

Mod bug

mission bugScreenshot_20210315-095636

umm this isnt a bug, you just misunderstood what the mod does


Firstly the last mentioned bug is not really a bug, according to what has been said it will get reset within a few days. And as @Frozentank said, neither is the second.

Also, this seems like a Thread made of three existing ones :

Thus I don’t see the requirement of another Thread for three (two) relatively major issues which already have unique Threads of their own…

i know i wanted to put all the bugs in one thread.

if i did something wrong let me know.

the bug is a very small bug, the image of the mod does not appear after 10 minutes, at least for me, okay @Frozentank ?

If you read the three Threads in depth a little bit more it would be evident the Mod ‘bug’ was not really a bug but just a misunderstanding of what the Mod does.

As for the Boss Missions :

And the Cenozoic Bug has it’s own Thread.

ok, my mod bug was not related to the other thread, if I put the same image, my screenshot was not working on the game … for missions, I thought it was a bug because the old missions were simpler and the new ones a little … hard … and for the Cenozoic, the first son is very far, suddenly, for those who did not know him, they can now know him.

Where does the image of the mod not appear for you?

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Yeah I know, from 1 to 10 minutes the mod image does not appear, I went back to the game, the bug was gone, the mod was a temporary little bug …