Bugs that are bugging me

These are a few bugs that I’ve noticed that haven’t been mentioned for the latest update…So hoping they can be rectified soon.

The ones that Bugs me the most are in relation to my Battle Teams:

I have and use 3 out of the 5 Battle Teams avaliable daily…:
Battle Team 1 - for my best dragons,
Battle Team 2 - for new dragons that I’m learning about,
Battle Team 3 - for my Alpha hits

BUG 1.
When an Event is avaliable. My Dragons only appear, when I’m using Battle Team 1 somewhere else.
But as I use my other Teams regularly, It bugs me when I enter an event and see this:

Only when I go else where, re select Team 1, then come back to the event… do my dragons appear.

Why should it ever matter which Team I’m using, to participate in an event, with out taking these extra steps.

BUG 2.
This is my Battle Team 2:

It shows the correct battle strength.
However, when I leave a quest to explore, or check rewards etc… then come back to a quest, I still have Battle Team 2 selected, but the strength shown is Battle Team 1’s:

This is also the same if I’ve been using Battle Team 3 , and showing Battle Team 1’s strength.
Only swiping left or right corrects this.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve taken on a 4k quest with the wrong team, because at a glance, I’ve seen 4757 vs 4000, but didn’t realise I was using my weakest team.

BUG 3.
Is simply something I’ve noticed, that doesn’t affect my gameplay, but it’s a bug nonetheless.
When looking at my roster, I have Green Arrows indicating which Dragon needs to be Trained.
However, when you hit the ‘Sorted by’ button, the Green Arrows stay put, and accumulate.

Ok… That’s all I’ve got. Sorry for the long message.



Thank you so much for the detailed description of each of these bugs!

Sharing this with our development team.

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