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Bugs that aren't being fixed (again)

I posted a similar thread a while back, but since not much has happened since then, I thought I’d start a new thread on long-standing bugs that aren’t being addressed. I’d encourage other users to add their own reports of long-standing bugs here. (Please only report bugs that have been happening for months or years, not just bugs in recent updates. Please also try to avoid complaining about intentional changes you don’t like on this thread. I don’t discourage that in general, but I want to keep this thread limited to bugs.)

As a personal aside, all of these are bugs that I would guess have been present for at least a year, in some cases many years. They are also all issues I have observed on multiple devices (admittedly, all Android, but multiple versions thereof).

Gobber’s Duties don’t reset properly

This used to be worse, but Gobber’s Duties still don’t show up until you either a) do a “soft reset” (enter the game after they should have reset, go back to the home screen, go back to the game) or b) tap the “new duties available” notification (which seems to also do a “soft reset”).

This is TRIVIALLY reproducible by either being in the game when they should reset, or turning off your device without shutting down the game and returning after they should have reset.

Input responsiveness is poor

As far as I can tell, this is systemic in however the game handles input. Sometimes, taps or swipes simply don’t register. The problem seems to get worse when the game is making heavier demands on the hardware (and is also more pronounced on less powerful devices).

This is TRIVIALLY reproducible simply by swiping quickly. Turning on ‘show touch’ can help to illustrate that the device is seeing input just fine, but the game is not responding to it.

Parchment collection items can’t be collected

Easiest to explain this one with a picture:

Just try to collect that helmet (or anything else that appears in that spawn location). It can’t be done. (Note: the problem has to do with the dragon roost, which must be moved in order to collect the item.)

Attacks that remove action points don’t always work

I haven’t figured out a pattern why this happens, but special attacks (brawl, gauntlet) that remove action points will sometimes turn the opponent’s action points red, but then the opponent will get additional action points as if the “red” points weren’t removed, and can still spend the “red” points. Naturally, this glitch never happens in the player’s favor (at least, never that I can recall).

…and then there’s the statue in my mailbox that crashes the game if I try to collect it. Support has been “looking into it” for almost two weeks, and that’s already several weeks after I reported it. (It’s been broken since the new seasonal items came out more than a month ago.) Because of this and Ludia’s inability to handle multiple tickets from the same user, I can’t file tickets on any of the above. (Anyway, for some of them, I have filed tickets previously…)